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GTA LCS map info


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I recieved a email from a friend of mine this morning over at GTA-PSP.net. He lives in Melbourne and has the latest issue of OPS2 Australia. Well here is the article I posted


The Official Playstaion 2 Magazine in Australia was released a few days ago and it pretty much had the same info from all the other magazines we saw the last few days. However, these journalists were lucky enough to pause the game and see the in-game map.


What they are telling us is that the map is basically the same as Liberty City from GTA3, but Shoreside Vale this time round is almost twice as big! It curls up to be above Stanton Island on the map.


Also a few more details are that there is a casino in St Marks owned by the Leone's, JD O'Tolle works for the Sindacco family (from GTA:SA). Finally a few more confirmations on Gameplay are that Toni will be able to change clothes, shoot out tires and bail on moving vehicles.


Thanks to Josh for submiting the news


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Brown Streak RR

Thanks for the information!


Sounds sweet! I wonder what will be used to fill up the remainder of the island?



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I'm thinking it could be countryside. Cause where it goes on, in GTA3 it looked like there could be this countryside. Basicly this goes on where the GHost town was and further to the right.

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user posted image

Just a quick thing to prove a point.

The gta3 logos are the positions of abandoned tunnels, which as you can see could lead to a grassy(countryside) area.

This sounds good, SSV was barely used in GTA3, only for missions from Staunton due to the addition of Francis International Airport being there, otherwise it was phone missions or Catalina's final single mission.

Casino in Portland? Cool, nice bit of gambling(hopefully) early on to get some money, prob wont need it working for Sal tho smile.gif

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Yes the Leone family pays good,you got what,500 bucks for picking Mosty up! tounge.gif This is very good news about SSV.I can't wait to see what was added,SSV was my favirote island.

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i'm glad that place is solid now. in GTA3 you could fly by dodo or tank to discover that you fly right through it.

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one question so do u get o go to the observatory and i hope their will be streets that lead up to the observatory and stuff

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You could already see this "extended" Shoreside from Staunton and Portland in GTA3, they just never bothered to include it on the actual map. JD O'Toole sounds like an Irish name though...probably with the Irish Mob?

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The line represents the part of Shoreside Vale that will curl above Liberty City.

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it looks like theres an extra bridge.look at the very top of statuan island.

Those are oil pipelines.


anyhoo, i don't think that rockstar will extend the map. It'll just be like gta3. Nothing else.

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The already said there'd be new land marks,and I really doubt they'd be doubling the size of Shorside for nothing.

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