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[REL|ALPHA] GTASA-Ultimate Editor


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Yeah, they are bad addresses, Im in the process of cleaning those up, I also need to add some more Memory Codes for Cars XYZ info, and there handling data.


I'm going to be working on a new realase, probly be a week though, that will allow you to use "Memory Code" arrays, and store variables in between scripts.

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it's almost a week now so Im wondering if yo still working on that or?

cuz I like this app but can't live with bugs...


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well i still have some things to get working and cleaned up. But plase try to tell me what bugs you run into, so i can check them out and fix them.


Also the only thing left for the "Code Editor" is to be able to use arrays of Memory Codes (cause you don't want to have to had write a chack for all 140 ped locations)


I also add a chain command that lets you chain over to another code, in a set amount of time...



  [chain (0):Cheat Codes.Hold Car] 


The "(0)" means how many secs to loop, zero means use it each loop.


Also you can use variables between diffrent codes, the catch is you have to Dim them like this...



UEDim CarHeld


But by using these you can setup checks accross codes, or control te flow of another code easily.


I will work on a new version, i'm aiming at wendesday, but if you all could drop some errors for me to check (with a little description of how to get it,) than I will be sure to get them fixed in the next version.

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  • 1 month later...

Been awhile, but I have been workign hard on cleaning up bugs, adding new Editors, and making GTASA-UE even stronger.


I have added a TXD Editor to allow for easy editing of TXDs from any of the TXD preview windows (including the IMG Editor) and saving them back to the IMG file in which they came from.


Also I have spent a good deal of time on the "Code Editor" that lets you create your own codes using VBScript and the 2000+ "base codes" setup. It also has a very simple "Memory Value" finder that can use "base codes" to show what is known about a memory address, and what still needs to be found.


I have also added "Romanian" language support. Thanks to Mirc_El

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Supdario: Did you change any of the codes? What version is your game (if it's not v1.0 than it will say the version number on the starting screen), At the moment I only support the US V1.0 exe.


Also If you changed some codes than could you email me your memcodes.cfg file to [email protected]


Thanks and I look forward to getting this fixed.

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I just installed it, and when I tried to run it, got this error:


Error # 339


Component 'msscript.ocx' or one of its dependancies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Sub Main

user posted image
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CBear: Sorry about that, i updated the setup to include the scritp control.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Chillin Kwanza.


If have updated GTASA-UE.


So now it has a built in car spawner, and a simple skin system.

Now all the Trainer codes should adjust by the version of GTASA that your running (setup in options.)


Also fixed a few things.

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Thanks a lot for this program man, it realy comes in handy and speeds up working on my mod. I found a bug tho. When you leave a pedgroup empty it removes every group under it.

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Just a question for the Weapons Editor, is it possible to change the slot to 13 or more? I mean edit the weapon inventory, because the total of weapon you can carry is 11, is it possible to make it more than that? Will someone help me?

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  • 3 weeks later...


i used it when sa came out for the pc, but since it flipped(sa), i coulnd't use it, now i finally fixed the game, and see the progress, man, what i read here is great!

prob is, i can't use the link is it down?





works now, ty

Edited by azgarth
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  • 4 weeks later...

Well just realesed my lastest version of GTASA-UE.


One thing to point out, is that its "Code Editor" can now see infomation inside of other data trees. I still have some work to do to it. But I'm happy at the moment.


Also It defaults with all the Trainer codes cut-off. If you want to use them, or make your own than take a look at the "Code Editor"


There has been more clean-up done, but I have been working on this version for a bit, so its kinda hard to keep up with.

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Apologies in advance if this problem of mine has been addressed and taken on board already but I don't have a lot of time right now to read the whole thread...


The new build is causing me havoc when renaming the ingame vehicles. Its quite bizarre because it will save to the GXT but when I switch off and switch back on, it's either not saving the new name at all or its adding extra bits on or completely renaming stuff.


Case in point I changed the name of the HPV-1000 copbike and when I checked after shutting down the GTAUE it had become '96' !?!?!?!


I've tried just renaming stuff just using the GXT editor instead of using the Vehicle list but it still is playing the same tricks.


I removed the new build and restalled my old 3.05.2 and everything is fine so its obviously a problem with new build.



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Sorry for that.


Hopefully its fixed now.


I did have a problem tracing it down, but I think I got the problem. If anyone has a problem, let me know. Also It would be helpful if I could get a GXT file that this s messed up on.

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Nice one.


I would give you my gxt that went up the spout but after currupting my game a few weeks back when installing another mod, and having to reinstall around a 100+ of my favourite vehicles (a real pain in the backside that was I can tell you!) I make a habit of backing up all my major SA files on a regular basis, which includes the gxt. Consequently I replaced the mucked up gxt with a fairly recent back-up and with the old build changed the names I wanted changed.


Another thing I did notice the editor was doing in the new build was creating new lines in the gxt. Stuff like [FFFFFFFFFFF]NEW NAME at the very end of the main file.

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I will take a look at that.


You should probly look at that "Save As Mod" button, it will allow you to save almost everything into a GSI file, than when ever you start of fresh, you can just load up that one file to get back where you were. (I suggest testing a mod before adding it to a your main GSI file, but the one I have has over 100+ vehicles, clothes, weapons, and the real radar mod it (120+ MB))


Als oI went threw and made the Mod Viewer so you can Rebuild mod files, and install only certian sections of a mod.

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Server Problems...


[Edit: Should be fixed now.]

Edited by ThaKilla
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There should be up, and should stay up. Put a new Network card in my server and it started acting funny. So I went back to the old, and havn't had a problem.


Go Figure confused.gif

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