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New Modder-Wiki for Grand Theft Auto

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I saw, you where creating threads about different modding things in gta.


So I thought a wiki about gta would be great to have a reference about all the collected stuff.

I search the web and found gtadb.com. The content was very poor, and the wiki they used was very old.


Thatswhy I decided to create a new wiki which is based on the wikimedia (also used by wikipedia.org).


It is available at GTADB.TK.


What do you think about it?


See you,


//EDIT submited a lot of MemAdresses and started Tools for SA.


//EDIT As I heard from steve-m, gtanet is workin on such thing, too. But until this is ready (has some special features for gtaforums-users) we will collect the data in that wiki, and transfer it to the gtanet-wiki when its finished. Thanx Steve-M

Edited by DracoBlue

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I take this possibility to announce something to everyone interested in this: GTANet is going to start its own big modding wiki soon. It's not that we are stealing ideas, that's been planned since a long time. But the software needs some hacks to integrate it into the GTANet account system, and time is raw these days. tounge.gif


Of course it would be stupid to run several wikis about the same thing, but I've been talking to DracoBlue and we agreed that GTANet would be the better platform for this, since GTAForums is where the modding community gather. So until the GTANet wiki is up and running, gtadb.tk will stay online, and then we'll take over the content and continue with the new wiki.

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This wiki idea has been around really long. But as steve said it will take some time to adapt it to gtanet, so this is a good solution to share and collect knowledge tilll gtanet's wiki is running, I allready put some things up. Good work Dracoblue! smile.gif

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Thanks Squiddy!


Some guys have helped to update the



See you,

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