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[REL|SA] GTASA - Rare Vehicle Mod

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This mod allows rare vehicles that do not normally spawn as traffic to SPAWN AS TRAFFIC!

So if you have ever wanted people to actually drive the bandito (sandrail), monster truck,

go-kart, nrg500, and so on - then this is the mod for you. Inluded below is a

list all the cars that will spawn on the streets of San Andreas!


BTW - a majority of the cars included in this mod DO NOT spawn with traffic and are only findable in one or two parked spots. - this makes these vehicles MUCH easier to find and will now drive with normal traffic and wont just be parked in a single spot thoughout SA.







Just drive around as normal. If you are in a desert you may see the BANDITO or MONSTER.

If you are driving in a worker's area you may see COMBINE, DOZER, or HOTDOG. Maybe you

drive around the slums of SA, you might see a busted-up GLENDALE or a MOWER. For the complete

list, check the car list TXT file below. Because SA has such a variety

of cars you might not see all the cars on the list in one play - but they DO ALL WORK.


I have also incorporated cheats with this mod. SA has 4 vehicle cheats. I have modified

what the cheats do. Below you will find a list of cheats and what they do.





-->ALL traffic will be OFFROAD oriented (SANDKING, MONSTER, BANDITO, ect)



-->ALL traffic will be FAST OR EXOTIC cars (HOTKNIFE, SUPERGT, HOTRING, ect)



-->ALL traffic will be BIKE oriented (BMX, QUAD, NRG500, ect)



-->ALL traffic will be ALL RARE oriented (SEE CAR LIST TXT FILE)



Also, without using the cheats traffic will be normal but will have the RARE vehicles included. The RARE vehicles are zoned as you would expect (bandito found in desert, nrg500 found in RICH areas, ect)








Edited by ThAtSgOtTaHuRt

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Neo-K 182

alright. read a bit more into it. so i'm changing what i originally said. it's still not really that much cause it's just changing around the default.ide file. but it's good that you made the vehicles go where they should be. still something that can be easily done by most people though. but good job nonetheless.

Edited by Neo-K 182

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yea, it was quite simple. just make sure the vehicles have a NON-ignore class and a decent frequency in the vehicle.ide and then you edit the cargrp.dat to add the vehicles in game by adding them to a PED group(s)

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