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[REL] CFG Studio


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Wow, Ben still active?!


I second that, Spaceeinstein. Its a mess all the "good old" ones leave the scene for dumb reasons mostly. How much did I wish to use Cerbera's studio for IV.

And something similar for EPM.

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In my copy of cfg studio 2,It can't reconige these types seperetly <Car,Plane,Bike,Boat>. What shall I do? Otherwish it is good. smile.gif

Yes, sorry about that! Somehow I completely broke the code which controls the tabs. It is fixed since 26th January 2012 in CFG Studio version 2.0.380. Please, try downloading it again if you didn't already!


Slow Reply

I don't check this forum much. My preferences are set to receive e-mail notification of replies to this topic, they don't seem to reach me.


Cuddle the Old! Uppercut the New!

Space and ThreeP, I played through GTA3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas over the past few weeks. The technology improvements aren't the main reason to buy each newer game in this era. It's the story, the atmosphere and the humour.


Chunky mitten hands aside, everything in GTASA is done for a reason. 3 out of the 4 notable locations had not been in a previous GTA title; the character had a totally different background and the subject matter was more emotive.


The LA riots over corrupt police officers. Paranoid counter-intelligence during the messy end of the Cold War. Multi-cultural gang violence. Street racing with cars that would be at home in the original Gran Turismo. Protecting your 'hood, your friends, getting filth rich in the hope of redeeming yourself in the eyes of your big brother.


The story and the setting is what made GTASA feel new, atmospheric and plain awesome. Beating that requires a bigger leap forwards than what the movie industry would call a 're-make'.


GTA4 Cars

I've seen plenty of YouTube videos of the cars. It's just GTASA with 10% less traction and a 20% stronger 'magical counter-steering force'.


Gear changes still bear no relevance to your speed. Even GTA2 got that right. Hell, there are arcade games from the 1980's which got that right!


Now, the lead character. A Russian criminal? How very, very tired. That might be OK for one gang in one district of GTA2, or a supporting role in a Bond movie. But it's not lead character material. It's simple and cliché.


Yes, it's a franchise. But they aren't pushing the franchise forwards, imho. It's like the Terminator movies; gradually increasing production values but severely reducing concepts.


A Note About Scale

Bigger landscapes are not better. I don't want to spend 10 minutes driving through traffic between objectives, paying at toll gates to avoid police attention. I can do that in better-than-HD quality by turning off the PC and shopping for groceries - in London! tounge.gif



I have to mention that official multiplayer support was absent for nearly a decade during the 3D era. And the forms it takes in GTA4 aren't the most innovative. Look at the modes our communities made for MTA:VC and SA:MP.


Titles like Baldur's Gate let you co-operate through the whole game. GTA: Vice City almost has 2 lead characters: Tommy and Lance. Allowing (but not requiring) multiple players to drop in and out of the game would have been a neat twist for GTA4 or 5.


You could have the lead player, with the other players acting as the lead enemies during missions. Or as police officers with limited weapons. So many possibilities, unexplored, still.

Edited by Cerbera
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