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[REL] CFG Studio


Recommended Posts

  • 3 weeks later...

You know what, I'm not very good at coding so I can't give you the code, but it would awesome if oyu made it recognize other files. I hope you didn't think of this before and threw it out. I noticed that you made the program notice whether it's VC, SA, etc. Well, then it should be even simpler to make one that recognizes other cfgs like particles, etc. It would be awesome If you came out with a cfg studio that has capability with every cfg. Can't wait rah.gif

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CFG Studio 2 is being built to support almost all the text-based data formats in GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA. It's currently in development and is not reliable. You can try out CFG Studio 2 beta if you're interested, but it is very early in development.


I'd recommend you continue using the old CFG Studio if you want to edit handling.cfg files safely. I hope to have CFG Studio 2 out of the beta phase in early 2007. smile.gif

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Thats awsome!!! Oh and u remember ma baloon? well here is something I found out: The jaw value doesnt control how much baloon jaws, but how much it turns left and right (E and Q letters)... I think its like this as its been a long time since I was messin round with it, but dont mind about it.... Ill mess with it a bit and when I get a usefull data about this ill let u know...


PS: Will new cfg also have description for every column in weapons.dat as it has in handling.cfg? would be cool



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The beta of CFG Studio 2 already has column names for a large number of file formats from GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA. I think weapons.dat is one of them. It can open most of the GTA text data files, but might not save them properly.


It removes all comments and blank lines at the moment. I want it to preserve themso people can manage their data files and go back to using Notepad if they don't like CFG Studio 2. That's actually more difficult than it sounds because I also want to allow people to change the order of the lines, which means I have to keep the comments synchronised with their corresponding row.


"Yawing" is turning left and right. turn.gif


(EDIT) I've been getting a lot of encouragement via MSN and e-mail to crack on with CFG2. I've got some more website work to do, and the CULLs for TRN's dealership in MISA, but once that's over I want to carry on with this.

Edited by Cerbera
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Hi, I have a problem with the old CFG Studio, not the new one.

When i open it up and click on the handling.cfg it says "File Not Found" And when i try to close the program it won't and i have to end it myself.


Any help would be appreciated i really want to edit some cars but am unable to.



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I'm having a problem with version 1 of the CFG editor. About a month ago I downloaded it and it worked fine the first time I used it. However during my second use, I believe it froze up and I had to use control+alt+delete to close it. From then on, even to this day, it won't launch. When I go to open it, the hour-glass curser icon comes up for a couple seconds then goes away, but the program doesn't come up. I press control+alt+delete and it's in the list of open applications, but its marked as Not Responding. I replaced all the DLLs and stuff (though I do have SP2), but still no luck.


Strangely enough, the beta version 2 works perfectly for me. After version 1 didn't work, I downloaded the beta and thats been working flawlessly ever since.

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Thanks for reporting these problems. smile.gif


Corrupt INI File

The program might not run properly if the cfgstudio.ini file got messed up from using Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Make sure CFG Studio is not running and delete the cfgstudio.ini file. Now try running CFG Studio again. Let me know if that changes anything.


Using an Old Version

The other thing is to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of CFG Studio 1:

  1. Go to the application downloads folder.
  2. Press the Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time. This will reload the page.
  3. Find the cfgstudio.rar file.
  4. Make sure the Date Modified value for it is 14-Sep-2006 18:14.
  5. To download the file:
    1. Right-click the cfgstudio.rar link
    2. Select Save As.
    3. Choose a destination for it. Make sure you don't replace an existing cfgstudio.rar file.
    4. Click Save and let your computer download the file.
  6. After it has downloaded, Extract the files.
  7. Try running the CFGStudio.exe program.
  8. If it starts, go to the Help menu and select About.
  9. It should display a message which says CFG Studio 0.0.230 at the top.
Again, let me know if this works and whether it opens files again.


Missing Required Components

I've had reports in the past that people can't make the program work properly. These have normally been because their system doesn't have the VBscript component needed for interacting with the file system, scrrun.dll. If the above steps don't work, say so in this topic and maybe we can work it out using MSN.


I should really make an installer for CFG Studio 2 so these problems can be avoided. I appreciate how annoying it is when a program doesn't work properly!

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Well when i had my old computer i tried deleting all the files and re-installing CFG studio but that did not fix it. Now that i have a my new comp i tried installing it first time and it works perfectly.


I dont know what fixed it really.


-Thanks for replying though.

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Sounds like the old computer did not have the scrrun.dll file correctly installed. If I put together a proper installer for CFG Studio 2, these sorts of problems should be gone.


(EDIT) Possible new feature for CFG Studio 2:

user posted image


The way this will work:

  1. Select some data from the grid.
  2. Go Tools > Values Adjuster.
You can then alter the selected values by:
  • Multiplying them by a number.
  • Adding them with a number.
You can limit the results with the Smallest and Largestfields. So, you could prevent Z coordinates from going below -100 or above 3000 when moving things around. By setting the Result Limits to the same value, all the selected cells will become that value.


There's lots of things this feature could be used for once complete.

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 2 weeks later...

CFG Studio 2 beta:

Still not a stable and reliable release. Beta testers are very welcome to try it out and report any bugs and give any feature requests here. I'm especially interested in whether files saved using this version work in GTA.


If you would like to help, simply download the program and keep notes of what works and what doesn't. After you've tested it for a while, post your findings in this topic. Your work is extremely valuable as it helps me make CFG Studio 2 a more reliable program.


View the changelog for to see what's changed. Try to avoid burning out your mousewheel; there's a mountain of stuff which has changed. smile.gif



Now that I've got XP theming sorted out, she looks pretty good:

user posted image

640 x 480, 28kB.



You can get CFG Studio 2 beta as a WinRAR file. The program does not alter any registry settings so you can easily remove it. It contains no spyware or adware and is completely free of charge.


You can safely run CFG Studio 2 and the old CFG Studio on the same computer at the same time, as long as they are placed in different folders. Use the old CFG Studio if you want to edit handling.cfg files safely.


Future Plans

I hope to get file saving working reliably between now and the next release. I also want to enable adding, deleting and moving of rows, columns and sections. Then I'll make the first non-beta release.


After that, I'll start working on preserving comments and blank lines (these are currently lost when saving and require quite a big step forward for the backend).

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  • 3 weeks later...

(20 days between messages should be OK...)


CFG Studio

You can now try the further improved CFG Studio 2. Visit the changelog for 2007-01-29 to see what's new.


It's basically a bug fixing update but there are some interface improvements and some more formats are recognised and get column headers now.



If you use this program, please add your experiences with it here. If most people are finding it quite stable, I'll make the next release non-beta. CFG Studio 2 will then become the official successor to the old CFG Studio. smile.gif


Next release should be towards the end of February.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry Cerbera, I don't have time to read the past few posts atm, I've gotta get going in a minute. But this idea just popped in my head.

It'd be cool to have a way to replace the entire line with your program. Either highlight the whole row and paste, or like double click the vehicle's name and it pops up the data line in Notepad style format, then you can just paste over it all. It'd save me the time of opening up the data folder then the handling.cfg when I could just do it through your prog. Just an idea. I'll try and get back to this topic and check out the updates.


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  • 2 months later...



I have a problem with the OLD Cfg studio:


when I doubleclick the .exe, it does not work: there's no window opened, but I can see the process in the process manager. In addition to that, it makes run my pc at "full throttle", cpu usage 100%.


But when I launch the tool from within the RAR archive(exploring the archiv with winrar, doubleclic on the exe), it works! (and editing works fine, no file corruption or whatever. Saving works fine too.)


The described bug comes back when I want to close the program (the window freezes & stays, cpu 100%)


All files provided (.ocx's and the .dll) are installed as described in readme, I tried to put them in windows\system32, then in windows\system. I use windows XP SP2.


This bug is no more present in cfg studio 2 beta, which opens the handling.cfg fine (i tried no editing yet)


I have extracted cfg studio 1 on my D:\ Partition. I will check quickly if that causes the problem.--> no it's not


Anyway, very nice tool, I do a lot of handling editing, so have a cookie.gif and a fishcake--> breadfish_by_Moto.giftounge.gif



[edit in red]

The tool doesn't like if i close it whenever no gta file is loaded. Usually, I clicked File>save, then file>close, and then (with the empty window) I click "close". It closes fine when I save the file, then skip "file>close", and close directly with gta file still loaded. But once I had this Bug, cfgstudio.ini is corrupted (empty) and I have to delete it to make it work again. (strange, it used to be flawless in the past... whatsthat.gif ).


Okay, so finally don't mind, I found the problem: corrupted .ini file, apparently. Now it works fine. Maybe you should disable File>close menu to avoid this kind of bug. I'm happy now... xmas.gif

Edited by chlaguevuck
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  • 1 month later...

user posted image


i keep on getting this error message. any help? And i copied and paste those four files into the system32 folder.

Edited by fdasda
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@fdasda: You've got to register it too.


Open RUN from the start menu and enter:



regsvr32 <path to comdlg32.ocx>




The described bug comes back when I want to close the program (the window freezes & stays, cpu 100%)


There's some config files in that rar, I think, and the error/bad operation upon the close is due to the program not being able to write it's "last known configuration" to itself. You may be able to turn this feature off, but good luck getting it to write that itself, yes? tounge.gif


Edited by dertyjerzian™
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On 14th June 2007, I officially ended support for the old CFG Studio. All links to the old version will take you to CFG Studio 2 beta. CFG Studio 2 is not under active development but it is more stable and supports more formats than the old one. smile.gif


You can still leave bug reports, feature requests, compliments and whatever about CFG Studio in this topic. I have updated the first message in this topic.


(EDIT) Picolini, you can select whole rows by clicking the row header, using the mouse or using the keyboard. Edit > Paste can then be used. You can also do Edit > Copy. Pasting, copying, cutting and deleting/blanking of multi-line selections are supported, IIRC.

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 4 weeks later...

CFG Studio

An updated version of CFG Studio 2 is available.


It is mainly interface refinements and bug fixes. Improvements to the Edit > Find window:

user posted image


A couple of people expressed an interest in testing this release but never got around to it. Which is fair enough.


Bug reports and success reports are still welcome in this topic. Saves me double-posting every few months when I get bored and do a bit of work on it. smile.gif

Edited by Cerbera
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Well I just got your email Cerbera, I tried to email you several times but I kept getting errors saying mail not successfully sent dontgetit.gif


Anyways, I'll check this out and get back to you wink.gif



Did a tiny bit of editing on the handling.cfg, and all went well. The search is perfect, just right wink.gif

So far so good icon14.gificon14.gif

Edited by Picolini
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Hmm, that's strange. I'm receive e-mail from other people just fine. I guess it's a problem with the system you are using. Putting feedback in this topic is fine now it's been released.


Report any bugs, no matter how small. I probably won't work on them right away but they will get added to my to-do list. smile.gif


I'm thinking of adjusting the Edit > Find window again, like this:

user posted image


Idea is you can now work through it from top-to-bottom. You can also run it narrower, so you can see more of the data behind it. Any thoughts?

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  • 8 months later...

CFG Studio 2 seems to be in fairly widespread use, judging by the e-mails I get. Here's the most recent reply I've written to clarify its status.



Many people use CFG Sudio 2 to mod [their] gta's [...]
Cool! Even though I retired from GTA modding it's nice to know my work lives on and is useful. smile.gif



[...] but the program is [not finished] and can be [improved]
I check the CFG Studio 2 topic for feedback from time to time.


I will only see the problems people are having if they appear in that topic. Once I understand the problems, I'll consider updating CFG Studio 2.


If there are any good VB6 programmers who'd like to help, that would be awesome.

Web technology stuff keeps me busy these days, such as participating in W3C's Working Group for HTML5 and making websites professionally. But variety is the spice of life, so there is a remote chance I'll revisit CFG Studio 2. If I even remember how VB6 works, that is!
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  • 5 months later...

hello....i'm having a problem w/ a car that i purchased hydraulics for, but it's not working. so how or what do i need to do in cfg to fix that? what values should i change? the car is the picador....thankx anyone that can help.

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  • 1 month later...

hi i've used cfg studio for like ever it's a great program thanx for creating it but i some how lost my copy of the first one and when i downloaded the second "new one " i get System Error &H8000703E6 (-2147023898) Invalid access to memory location, everytime i try to open it suicidal.gif what am i doing wrong please help thanx a billion kazillion in advanced

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  • 9 months later...
  • 2 years later...
I don't understand a word u are saying, but ur editor is beautifull


Although i tried to get a 2G boost on the greenwood, but it doesnt seem to work...

Hi, u mean you couldn't enable the 2G Boost flag? If so, this is something i find difficult to do myself too..

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  • 2 months later...

The 2G_BOOST flag is very weak, from what I've found. So you might not notice the effect.



GTA2 nyc.gci Support Added

A mere 12 years after this game was released! tounge2.gif


user posted image


The main delay was nobody could understand how the handling worked, so nobody could make mods with new handling. Recently I've made a number of discoveries which I plan to document in more detail over time.


This release also completes and enables the View > Sort By menu. This feature is risky because some formats contain data which must follow the order it was in originally. However, some files let you move things around and that can help when you are working on bigger projects.


Download CFG Studio 2!



No Support for GTA4 & GTA5

R* abandoned any sense of inspiration and innovation years ago so I've no interest in buying their games. Especially since the stuff us fans make for a 12-year-old game is more original than what they put into their latest and greatest titles!


Seriously, at least set the game somewhere they didn't visit back in GTA1. Near-future Tokyo? That would be worth seeing, imho.

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 1 month later...

In my copy of cfg studio 2,It can't reconige these types seperetly <Car,Plane,Bike,Boat>. What shall I do? Otherwish it is good. smile.gif

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hi i've used cfg studio for like ever it's a great program thanx for creating it but i some how lost my copy of the first one and when i downloaded the second "new one " i get System Error &H8000703E6 (-2147023898) Invalid access to memory location, everytime i try to open it suicidal.gif what am i doing wrong please help thanx a billion kazillion in advanced

The problem is caused because ur computer & modem is working overtime.Re-start computer than try again to download.It would there solved. Sorry for Bad english,I'm Bangladeshi.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Interesting Cerbera ninja edit. Seems extremely short-sighted on his part. How can he not see the improvements these games had? Especially for the cars! Being in the city with the same name doesn't make them the exact same game... And since this is a franchise, why should R* deviate from the established formula of making a GTA game? Redemption was built on the basics of Revolver and look how successful that became, and I expect Max Payne 3 to do the same, and so will V.

Edited by spaceeinstein
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