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[REL] CFG Studio


Recommended Posts


Actually, this is the first time I've ever come across this problem, anyway, more info:




i just ignore it anyway, because I know it doesnt do anything bad  smile.gif

Hey, thanks for that. The OpenAsTextStream method is what I use to load the settings from the cfgstudio.ini file. Quite why it thinks that is suspicious is beyond me. From the caption at the bottom of the dialogue, it says that it should be fine to run the script as long as you intended to run it...which you obviously did since you chose to run the program. LOL. biggrin.gif


(EDIT) I have been making more refinements to the List All windows for the File > Recent Backups and File > Recent Files menus. When you try to Open an item from a List All window, the program checks if the file actually exists. If the file does exist, the file will be opened. If the file does not exist, you will get a message box asking whether you want to delete the item from the list.


I have been thinking about how your cfgstudio.ini settings file gets replaced by mine every time I release a new version. I have decided that I won't include a settings file with the program, then there is no risk of your settings being overwritten by my own. I have made the ReadSettings procedure more robust, as well as some other parts of the code, so now the program will always try to read the existing cfgstudio.ini file. If anything goes wrong when trying to read the file (if it doesn't exist or if it is an old format not supported any more) then nothing bad will happen!


The new version is available from the CFG Studio page.

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 3 weeks later...

Minor quibles slash wish list: The ability to use the wheel mouse to scroll would be nice. Also on the file sorting, have an option for original view (where the cars list in the order of the original file). Maybe let the highlight stay when changing data. Minor but welcomed.

This is very easy to use. Oh and I also notice that in the vehicle handler slot (when opened with notepad) the data after the vehicle identifier space needs more indentation for names that are short.



Blahblacar 1800

Bigbigblahblahcar 1800


I see the above in a lot of editors when opened in notepad.



Blahblacar 1800

Bigbigblahblahcar 1800


Ok so I noticed that I can't indent to show you what I mean but the numbers should be aligned vertically.

Its not really an issue just wanted to know why.



Edited by Karcus
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CFG Studio seperates each setting by a single "tab" character for faster processing and smaller file sizes. If all the columns were correctly aligned I would need to insert thousands and thousands of spaces, making the file much larger than it should be. It would require a lot of processing for a big file like GTASA's handling.cfg and I don't want to make the program any slower than it is already.


The idea is that using CFG Studio means you don't need Notepad any more. No editor will do absolutely everything you want in the way you want it, of course, but CFG Studio seems to get pretty close? Because it displays the data as a spreadsheet the colums are always perfectly aligned, too. smile.gif


Your wish list:-

  1. I want the scrollwheel to work as well. The spreadsheet control doesn't support the mouse, so I will have to find some way of hooking the mouse drivers into the control. I'm not sure how to do that but I doubt it will be simple. It's definitely something I want to do, though.
  2. Sorting the cars back into their original GTA order seems a bit pointless, imho. It would be more complicated to code than you might think, since I would need to take into account any VehicleIdentifiers which had been changed by the user, or any which had been deleted, as well as any extra ones that have been added. I'll think about it.
  3. What do you mean by "let the highlight stay when changing data"? Can you be more specific?
Something I forgot to mention earlier is that I have changed the way I release programs. CFG Studio is now available from the CFG Studio (handling.cfg editor) page on my website. I've set up a dynamic redirect on my servers so that if you follow and old link to a CFG Studio file, it should take you to that page. Edited by Cerbera
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Hey Cerbera,


I have been working with the handling.cfg studio for sometime, but would like to know if its possible to give the Skimmer the Nevada's handling but still make it float?

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It *should* be possible but you may need to alter some vehicle.ide settings as well as the handling.cfg ones. The handling entry for Skimmer is called SEAPLANE if some people reading this don't know how to check the HandlingID value in the vehicles.ide file.



;Standard Data:SEAPLANE	5000.0	27083.3	12.0	0.0	0.0	0.0	9	0.83	45.0	0.5	1	200.0	1.7	5.0	4	P	0.01	0.05	0	24.0	1.5	0.75	0.0	0.10	0.0	2.0	0.0	1.0	0.05	10000	4000400	0	0	1	0NEVADA	25000.0	438750.0	10.0	0.0	0.0	0.0	75	0.65	0.9	0.5	1	200.0	16.0	5.0	4	P	1.0	0.45	0	45.0	1.0	0.10	0.0	0.40	-0.30	0.5	0.0	0.30	0.75	45000	400c108	400020	0	1	29;Boat Data:SEAPLANE	0.50	1.2	1.2	50.0	0.85	-0.4	20.0	0.93	0.998	0.999	0.95	0.96	0.96	4.5;Flying Data:SEAPLANE	0.5	0.40	-0.00006	0.002	0.10	0.002	-0.002	0.0002	0.0020	0.020	0.15	1.0	1.0	0.2	1.0	0.998	0.998	0.995	20.0	50.0	20.0NEVADA	0.4	0.30	-0.00001	0.005	0.10	0.001	-0.003	0.00003	0.0030	0.012	0.20	0.3	1.3	0.1	1.0	0.998	0.997	0.995	20.0	100.0	20.0

I see that the Skimmer has an entry in the Boat Data section when the Nevada does not. Making sure these boat settings continued to work after giving it the Nevada settings could be fiddly. Have you tried simply replacing the Standard Data and Flying Data sections?


You might be interested to know that I've finally coded the Restore button of the Manage Backups window Now you can replace the current file with a backup you have made. Might come in usefule when testing these plane settings. Let me know what happens. smile.gif


The new version program is available for download from the page on Project Cerbera. There are a few other tweaks, particularly with list item selecting.

Edited by Cerbera
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Cool thanks for responding. As mention some of the request are minor and not needed. As for the highlight thingy; you know when you click the vehicle identifier and it highlights the whole line? But after you go change data on that line the highlight dissappears. At least thats what I remeber, since its been a while. Again that is not important as the wheel mouse. Thanks for explaining some stuff. Good work with all the handling field.


edit: After going to your site an idea hit me. Able to arrange orders by mouse dragging to the position you want. That way I dont have to scroll down or search for the line I need to edit the most, I would just put it at the top. I appoligize in advance if its already implemented. Thanks for listening. Good day.

Edited by Karcus
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I think I need your program. After editing my handling.cfg file to mod some cars the game would freeze half-way through loading. When can I get one of these cfg editors?

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You can use the Edit > Move Row Up and Edit > Move Row Down menu items to move the active row up and down. They both have shortcut keys: CTRL+U for "Up" and CTRL+J for down (because it is below "U"). Using the keyboard shortcuts means you can organise your rows however you want fairly quickly. I could extend this code so that it moved all the highlighted rows up or down, if you want?


I don't think mouse dragging of rows would be good. Dragging the mouse over the grid area is how people highlight data. I think it would confusing if rows started moving around while they were trying to highlight stuff.


I've been looking into mouse events for the spreadsheet control. I've found that the Windows API allows fully featured scrollbars to be associated with a control via some tricky coding. I tested an example program which used this technique and it responds to all mouse events - even the special scrolling buttons on this gaming mouse. I will try to implement this into CFG Studio so that it has proper scrollbars associated with the control directly instead of VB scrollbars associated with the control via generic events.

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  • 1 month later...

I've been so busy with all these other projects that CFG Studio has taken a bit of a back seat. However, I've made a lot of tweaks and optimisations and a new version is available. Tweaks include making the scrollbars update correctly when switching between data views. Also features a refinement to the Copy function is it automatically places the relevant special data character at the start of lines you copy from special data sections...stuff like that.


I intend to work on making the scrollbars respond to mousewheel events properly. I also intend to refine the Paste function so it can cope with special data being pasted. It can get quite complicated when multiple lines are selected, so it might be a week or so until I've got that working correctly.


Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Any features you would like added, any bug reports, general feedback, it's all welcome. smile.gif

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"You wait four weeks for an update...then two come along at once!"


The new version of CFG Studio contains a beta of my new suspension rescaler:

user posted image

640 x 480, 68.9kB.


The New Effect values do get updated, so you can use this to help undertsand how your suspension settings will perform in GTA. smile.gif


I havn't decided exactly how the description boxes will work. However, the Old Data gets loadedand Old Effect values are calculated correctly. Also, the New Data values get sent to the correct columns in the grid if you confirm your changes using the OK button. No changes are made if you use the Cancel button.

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 3 months later...

It's been a long time coming but I've found time to make various refinements and improvements to CFG Studio. You can get the latest version from the CFG Studio page on my website.


Changes include greater stability in the advanced functions, removal of duplicate items from the Recent Files list and technical things like that. Also features updated terms for some of the data columns, particularly the Flying Data section. These have come from my recent experiments with aeroplane performance.


It also features a tidier Tools > Suspension Helper interface to make setting up vehicle suspension a little easier.



I might change this to use a VehicleIdentifier dropdown list to select the row and a second dropdown list of the headers. This would be easier to use than deciding what numbers you need to type in.
Does anyone want me to do this to the Edit > Go To window? It current uses row and column numbers but I doubt anyone knows the row and column number they want to move to before they get there. Selecting them by name might be easier?


You don't need to press the Return or Enter keys for your changes to be applied to the current cell, but it will still work if you press them. Clicking outside of the editing controls (including the lists) will apply your changes straight away.


In addition to all of this, the Edit > Cut, Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste functions have been upgraded to have full support for special data identifier characters. They are now filtered out when you paste data into CFG Studio and they are added when you cut or copy data from CFG Studio. This means you can share handling setups using CFG Studio more easily.


Any other feature requests, bug reports and suchlike are welcome. However, don't expect CFG Studio to get any major updates in the future since I have many other projects to consider. smile.gif

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 2 months later...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's a CFG Studio update!


Changes include:

  • Refined Edit > Go To Cell to use comboboxes which allow cell selection from list or direct entry by number.
  • Can now switch between available data sections using Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab.
  • File > Create Backup starts in current folder with timestamped current filename. Operates more like File > Save As so you can choose the name and location of the backup file.
  • File > Open starts with most recent file when no files are currently open.
  • File > Save As starts with active file.
  • Debugged problem with File > Open failing (scrrun.dll dependancy).
  • Remove leading zeros produced by dropdown checklists for flags.
  • File > Import Handling and File > Export Handling items removed.
  • Removed multicell editing due to cell selection problems in grdMain_GotFocus().
  • Fixed ticking of View > Arrange ? Data submenu items.
  • Tidied multiselect list code.
Also has lots of optimisations, fixes some little bugs which have gone unnoticed and makes lots of little refinements. smile.gif


Here's the new Edit > Go To window:

user posted image

640 x 480, 39kB.


I might make this more intelligent so that it always starts at your current location when you open it. If you leave it open while moving around the grid, it could update to keep track of that. Would anyone like that?



(EDIT) Just made another update. CFG Studio now uses a sophisticated sorting algorithm which I've developed specifically for the types of data present in handling.cfg. All types of data, even the hexadecimal flags, are now sorted correctly. I found this really difficult to get right but now, finally, it works! tounge.gif

Edited by Cerbera
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  • 1 month later...
  • 3 weeks later...

hello im new.. i was watching this video on you tube to day and it was gta sa and this person had filmed a golf cart going proper fast doing insane jumps nd that and i didnt hav a clue how he had done it so i read all the comments and soon realised it wasnt a cheat it was a "mod" which i had no idea you could do.. so to cut a long story short i wanted to attempt it my self so i did reserch and found this program (cfg) and these forums so i had a little look at the program and put my ps2 gta-sa in my pc drive and loaded up the handling file and edited some of the numbers making acceleration nd that better on cars next i needed to save the new numbers replacing the default ones but it said i didnt have rights to save over the original data so thats where iv have got stuck ...can any 1 tell me were i hav gone wrong and how i can save the handeling file plz???????????/ confused.gif

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AFAIK, you cannot write directly from a PC to a PS2 format.


If you put the PS2 DVD discs in your PC, does your PC have a DVD writer? Normally the PC DVD drive can only read DVDs, not write them. GTASA does not come on a CD, it's on a DVD. A CD writer obviously won't work.


If your PS2 has a hard drive, I've heard that can be plugged into your PC. I think you have to use some special software to allow your PC to read the format for a PS2 hard drive, though. Try using a search engine to find your answer. smile.gif

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I started noticing some more bugs in CFG Studio in the Bookmarks system recently. I've now tracked down the root cause of this and removed the workarounds which were previously working around it.


You can now download CFG Studio


Really, I should rewrite all the user preferences code to use the proper Windows INI format and proper Windows API calls. I should also update the code which applies these settings to and from the interface, because it's pretty messy. It works, but it's still messy.


These bugfix updates mean that I'm not sure if I should risk expanding CFG Studio to edit any of the main text data formats for GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA. I think I'll strenthen the preference and interfacing code first, to be on the safe side. smile.gif


If anyone whose good at VB wants to help out, I'm willing to share the work!

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  • 4 weeks later...

This message is to announce I've begin work on the above. Most of the time I set aside for VB development has gone into TextStudio, the program I use to write HTML and PHP in. Now that program is pretty stable and doesn't need any big new changes for a while, I can focus on CFG Studio for a while. (Also, I was getting a bit bored of TextStudio development. tounge.gif)


The end result of this might by CFG Studio 2.0, or it might be something so different I'll call it Text Data Editor (TDE) or something. Hopefully, I'll have a working release of the new app out before GTA4 (Autumn 2007).


I've been talking about doing this for a long time, but now I'm actually going to do it. If anyone has any tips on structuring the code for an app like this, or has any insights into the rules of GTA text data, please post them here or contact me.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here at the request of cerb.


Did a little (LITTLE) test today. Impressed by multiple filetype loading + interpreting. Haven't actually messed with anything yet, but runs/opens/loads fine.

user posted image
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I just noticed the "Suspension Helper"

What does this exactly do? I noticed that the values in the bottom part come out to somethine like "30.00 30.00", etc etc.

What do that mean?

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If people put all feature requests for CFG Studio in the CFG Studio thread I can keep track of them more easily.


Glad to know my decision to use a spreadsheet interface when all other tools use groups of text boxes turned out alright. smile.gif

its OK, but it could be improved on. For example, i run my 19' monitor @ [email protected] (my monitors limit), and even with your app maximized, i still have to scroll pretty far to the right, off of the screen to see the rest of the data. Honestly, i think there is just to much info to be presented all at once, especially for every vehicle (!). Even when viewing just one class of vehicle, say the bikes, its still like staring at a giant block of text.


-In the flag editing, the user needs to click a nearby cell to exit flag-editing mode, and close the flag menu. Although small, there is a chance for data corruption by clicking one of the other cells (i've accidently double-clicked and highlighted the text in a nearby cell, thus setting the cell to edit mode. an unaware user could delete/change the values without meaning to).


-Continuing with the flag menu, i recommend putting it in its own floating dialog, preferably a small modal dialog to keep the focus on editing the flags until the user is done editing them.


-The vehicle identifiers, first column, are editable. In order to avoid any confusion, i recommend locking them so that the text is in no-way interactive.


-For arranging the data, you list "Standard", which is everything, then Boat, Bike, Flying, and Animation data. It would be nice to have a view just for cars/trucks/vans, as opposed to using the "Standard" view, which includes every vehicle type.


-A way/option/utility to import/export a single handling line for a particular vehicle would be super handy-dandy


-Likewise an (automated if possible) method of converting handling data between games. Between vice and gta3, i think there was only one additional field added, not sure what the difference was between VC and SA. But for data thats added between games, you could use a default value. likewise if going to a previous version of the games (VC -> GTA3), the extra field could simply be ignored


Personally i prefer a flavour of app, that breaks the data down into smaller, related bits that are easier to digest. Preferably via individual, or tabbed dialogs.


That should get you started that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif


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Ok Cerb, as you requested:


It would be cool everytime you move the mouse over a tab (mass) it gives you a description of what it is, what it does etc.





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Thanks for the feedback, to start with Picolini:


GTA3/VC/SA spread the effect of the springs and dampers across the distance between the Upper and Lower suspension limits. The Suspension Helper is for understanding what the effect of your suspension settings will be in-game. I wrote a bit about this in my GTA3/VC Suspension article.


The "constant" values which I found worked best are different for each GTA. The Suspension Helper adjust automatically to the currently open version of handling.cfg.


At the bottom of the window should be a little textbox which explains what the "Effect" values mean. If your suspension settings work out as having an in-game "Effect" of 30, that means they are fairly sporty. If they come out around 20, that's extremely soft and may be suitable for a van. 50 to 60 is Forumula 1 car territory.


This is just a rough guide to help modders; it's not an exact science. Hence it's just a "helper" tool. Can you think of any ways to make it's purpose clearer? Maybe replace the "Effect" numbers with text, saying "family car" or "quite sporty" or something?

Edited by Cerbera
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I see, well that's great then!


It definitely should help out, as editing even just 1 of those four values can change the handling qiute a bit.


For classification, maybe having it change through ranges.

I noticed as the suspension gets longer travel and softer, the Springs get lower, and the Dampening gets even lower (ie Linerunner is Springs: 26.667 Dampeners: 8).

While as the suspension gets shorter travel length and stiffer, the opposite happens, springs go up and the dampeners go even higher (ie Infernus Springs: 34.286 Dampeners: 43.429).

I did find that the Sultan has a perfectly equal 25-25 springs to dampeners, and it gives the most stable handling (imo). So that could possibly be a base to go off of...


This idea would add in quite a bit more work I'm guessing, but maybe throw in more values like mass, turn mass, etc to give an overall rating of the handling. Just how it will go through turns and stuff, ignoring the acceleration etc would probably do fine here as it doesn't affect the handling much.

Some if something has (turn)mass/x,y,z/suspension/etc values over/under x amount, then it falls withing this category.

Probably just have them range from


Luxury/Heavy/Sedan Car

Sports Car

Super Car

Race Car

...f*cking nuts! Or F1 territory as you more elegantly put it tounge2.gif


Anyways, thats just an idea. Of course the rating system could work with out the whole mass, turn mass, etc but I think it would help it out just that much more. Then with those several rating systems the person would have a better idea of what they're handling will be like.


Maybe an Accelerator and Speed Helper would be nice too. Since you did all that work in studying SA acceleration and top speed (love the Infernus handling in your Over Haul btw wink.gif) maybe you could come up with a similar thing to the Suspension Helper, but for acceleration and speed.

Again, rating it similar.

When the output values of the certain fields = a certain amount send it to a category, even the suspension style categories would probably work just as well.

Truck/Bus (slow and torque-y?)

Luxury/Heavy/Sedan (slow and smooth)

Sports Car (quick and snappy)

Super car (buckle up and get ready to fly)

... f*cking nuts yet again (bring yourself a second, or third pair of pants. Similar to your infernus, eh tounge.gif)


So there's my input on that... hope it isn't too much tounge.gif

... and that I didn't miss anything... heh.

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Wow, lots of feedback. smile.gif


The Effect numbers represent my feeling for when the Springs and Dampers make the car feel the most balanced. This feeling came from doing each Handling Overhaul. Other people might prefer a different feeling, but at least this gives a rough guide to how GTA will be scaling their values once in-game.


R* setups tend to use stiff springs on most things and only vary the dampers. Some R* setups for similar vehicles vary too much to make a "R* Mode" for Effect values.


Because different people have different ideas, I'm not sure trying to get smart and predict the general performance of a vehicle would work. What I consider to be a racing setup might not be someone else's. Again, R* setups vary a lot here and cars you'd expect to be slow are often strangely fast.


However, I would like to make CFG Studio more helpful for people to use. I'll definitely revisit these ideas for making it more intelligent.



With the beta I noticed you don't have it set to where you need to press enter to enter the value, not sure if that's intentional or not. I think how you had to press enter before as it kinda makes you verify the info is correct. But then again, when stupid people (probably 90+% of people who add mods to the game) use it and just click out of the value, and it goes back they'll be like WTF?! So either way would be fine on my part, just bringing it to your attention.
The current CFG Studio download is version 0.0.204 and works like this. It's how proper spreadsheet tools work and is intentional.




I'm afraid the "wall of data" look is the whole point of CFG Studio! tounge.gif It's basically Notepad with everything in grids: you can do all the editing other editors aren't able to.


If you want narrower columns, try turning off the "View > Named Headers" option. This will use letters instead, and in the next version the columns will autosize to the narrowest width possible (but with some padding to keep things readable).


The next version has MouseWheel support for vertical scrolling, including support for smoothscrolling wheels. Also supports Shift+MouseWheel for horizontal scrolling, which should ease the pain. If you have a Microsft TiltWheel, using the latest IntelliPoint drivers works for horizontal scrolling via that.



Grouping vehicles by type would only work if I silently parse the default.ide file for GTA3/VC or the vehicles.ide file for GTASA. Since people might be looking at a handling file which isn't in their GTA folder, such a file might not exist. But I can silently fail the search for it.


In Steve-M's Col Editor 2, you can supply it with an IDE file and it orders the data according to that via a menu. I could do that, working via the HandlingID and Type columns.


In the current CFG Studio people can move rows up and down however they please via the Edit menu. They can perform sorting by columns via the "View > Arrange # Rows" submenu. Adding more sorting options, enabling "Edit > Undo" to revert the previous sort...I'll try and do this once it's stabilised more.


Speaking of which, would people like CFG Studio to have Undo/Redo for edit operations? Does it have to be unlimited or can I just do the last three like MS Paint? tounge.gif



(EDIT) I'm going to make the beta a fully public for testing soon. Updating the CFG Studio web pages first so people don't get confused and wonder why the beta doesn't edit anything.

Edited by Cerbera
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I'm afraid the "wall of data" look is the whole point of CFG Studio! tounge.gif It's basically Notepad with everything in grids: you can do all the editing other editors aren't able to.

dexx, please. i dropped the "ash" for a reason.



you can do all the editing other editors aren't able to.

That depends on which editor your making a comparison to. I used CarEd for vice, and it did everything i wanted, plus loaded the IDE file, so i could change all the handling parameters for a vehicle and the wheel model and size, in one interface. The interface itself was simple and intuitive; dropdown list for which vehicle your currently looking at, then a unified layout for all the data thats to be presented, in nice little groupboxes. I wouldnt say you should copy the design, but maybe take some hints from it. In terms of Vice city handling editors, and ease of use, it wins hands down.



If you want narrower columns, try turning off the "View > Named Headers" option. This will use letters instead, and in the next version the columns will autosize to the narrowest width possible (but with some padding to keep things readable).

that would only make the issue i describe above, worse. My point is, part of the my problem is, as you yourself pointed out, its notepad with grids which is only slighty less daunting to look at. While i seriously doubt you'd redesign the entire interface, i did feel the need to point that there might be better ways of presenting the data, not the least of which is one vehicle at a time (atleast optionally).



Grouping vehicles by type would only work if I silently parse the default.ide file for GTA3/VC or the vehicles.ide file for GTASA. Since people might be looking at a handling file which isn't in their GTA folder, such a file might not exist. But I can silently fail the search for it.

i think you misunderstood my suggestion. Currently, you support sorting of vehicles by type; Boat, Bike, Flying, Animation and Standard data. Note the lack of any Car-Isolation (by "Car", i mean any car/truck/van/semi/you get the idea). The only way to view car handling data, is via the "Standard" Mode, which also includes every other type of vehicle (boats, planes, bikes, etc). Think of it this way; an option to display just the vehicles that are NOT Boats, Bikes, Flying, or Animation data.

Well i'm a douchebag. just looked at the handling file again, and i see what your doing now, my bad. But grouping them by their type in the IDE is going one further, and i hadn't thought of it. nice touch if you can do it.



Speaking of which, would people like CFG Studio to have Undo/Redo for edit operations? Does it have to be unlimited or can I just do the last three like MS Paint?

User-defined with a default of 5, would be nice.


Btw, the Suspension helper opens in a rather silly fashion; you draw the title bar for the dialog, without actually expanding the dialog tounge.gif

user posted image


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I like the layout personally, mind you I'm used to using notepad anyway, and this just helps to understand what does what a bit more, makes things a lil clearer.


Only niggle is the inefficient way of doing the carcols. it's not as easy to make your own as it is in notepad, plus the method of applying the carcols to cars is harder to read than in notepad.

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The current version of CFG Studio doesn't have CarCols support, unless it's by coincidence. The next version will support it. Creating colours and adding combinations should be a bit easier too.


Have you any specific suggestions about how it could be made easier? I was thinking that if you start editing any Red, Green or Blue column it will display the Edit Colors common dialogue window. Also, the combinations section could probably display a dropdown listing all the defined colours.


Public Beta

The CFG Studio 2 Beta is now publically available.


Note: This beta is not a functional editor! It is only for testing!


If you want to edit files, continue using the current CFG studio.

Edited by Cerbera
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