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New small city?

da gta master

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Well they should put a new small city (not new island) in shorside vale. The city wasnt actuualy finished, it just continues with hills and stuff, so what if there is another small city? The place at the start of GTA3 could be there


I know this probably wont happen but it would be cool if it did.


pot your thoughts of what they are gonna do about that tunnel thats blocked off in GTA3... blink.gif

Edited by da gta master
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First off: It says Carcer City because Manhunt was set there. It doesn't necessarily have anything to di with GTA.


Second: Unlikely. LCS is set before GTA3, I guess Rockstar would be too lazy to put another island now.

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lol never played manhunt so never knew


I didnt mean a new island i mean like a small town or something

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Murdoc J. Niccals

It was said that Carcer was there, but in reality, it was some cities they couldn't fit in 3. I have forgotten the names but you are able to see the names on the map by cheating. I think one is named Aaronsville, or something like that.

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By what you said I think they did make another place, but they found out the game was too big or whatever so they took it out but left the place where the first cutscene is filmed (ghost town) and then made it non walkable, this would explain why the ghost town is in Shorside Vale and quite close to land

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