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Class system based on SA stats


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First of all, hi and thanks for trying to make what Rockstar didn't dare to do.


I've read a lot of posts, and lots of people want you to synch everything. Of course, it's something that could be awesome in multiplayer, but it could also waste the gameplay. I'm thinking about stats, and the way you improve your stamina level, muscle level and guns-and-so-on level.

Let's say you get to the point where you synch this online (and you put a MMO gameplay like you suggested, which would mean that you connect with a login anf password and play with your own character each time)... well it might happen that one fool runs through the whole map a whole day just to improve stamina (and the same with muscle and guns). That would lead in a massive "un-balance" in gameplay.

So I thought you could simply remove stats, but again it would be like forgetting the additions of San Andreas...

We talked about this with friends, and we have a proposition, which you could possibly make.


It's simply a class system, like in Battlefield for instance. Assuming it will be a MMO, you will have to choose a gang ; well the next step would be to choose a role inside the gang : sniper (let's say he has a high skill in sniping weapons, decent skills in guns but poor skills in machine guns), gunner, everything you want basically... so here's the idea. After this class selection, the perfect thing would be to stop stats from improving ; so that for example a sniper shooting everytime doesn't get extra points (so if another player who only plays on week ends and plays sniper too comes on the server, he is not disadvantaged compared to another one who spends all his life online).


Another improvement could be made by adding proper stats to the gangs, by making a gang creation screen similar to a player creation screen in a RPG. Example :

Let's say I'm a gang leader, and I want to create a gang called "Hellbikers" (stupid example, I know) : well I go to the creation screen, and then I have say 10 points to redisribute ; those points can't be distributed in weapon stats (as the classes are made for those), but in other stats such a driving, flying, muscle and stamina skills ("in between" stats if you want) ; each time I select "improve biking skill", well the points left to distribute decrease, and so on... so for my Hellbikers, let's say I distribute lots of point in biking skill.

Now, a friend of mine joins the server, and selects my gang, and then the sniper class. Now, he has a normal sniper skills plus extra biking points linked to the gangs. However, he will have drawbacks in driving cars because the gang skill points haven't been concentrated in driving.


So here is the idea, it may be real long to read, but I'm convinced it could fit very well in a MMO gameplay. Also, I hope this solves the problem of geeks improving stats like hell (in my example you can't evolve skills, you basically depend on the gang and class !) just to be the ultimate player online.

Nb : you could possibly put an option that alows a player to change the class ingame, but with constraints : let's say he has to go to his gang house first, then wait for 2 minutes (true timing, not gta's) to be able to change.


I hope Kyeman and his team will take this into consideration wink.gif

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I kinda like the idea of some people being able to have their stats higher, I mean if you earn it. maybe they can have different rooms for people who want to play with no stats, I dunno...

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Sobeit, why do you simply say "no", and put no arguments ? I'm rather surprised, it's only a discussion, and a discussion is not meant to be answered with a short, rude "no bad idea". I wish Kyeman could read this and answer, he might already have a similar gameplay in the plans ...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think this is a fantastic idea. A Class Based system does not have to belong soley to an MMO type game (though I would love to see a San Andreas: MMO mod), but would also be a lot of fun for team based tactical PvP similar to say the Battlefield series or Star Wars Battlefront.

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a game mode with a train is good idea? lol.gif

lol its just another way of transportation, and can be synced, but I would like to see it.

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Quite negative too. The minute that mod would be available, it will be hacked and some will have maxed stats, which renders it useless. Forget it, unless you integrate punkbuster etc., which I doubt rampage_ani.gif

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exelent idea, what about a server option so they choose to have a "Stats-lock" or not.. some ppl may enjoy earning skills.... (i know its gonna be annoying with those 24/7 players that have 100% stats.. but....)

But the Gang Main stat should be locked! (hellbikers example)..


And Cybert gotta point there!! tounge.gif


Punkbuster? Possible? ........ hummmmm

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