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this all started about 3 weeks ago, while my dad was driving on the highway, a deer came out of the ditch, hit the door, bounced off the fender(its a dually), then landed back in the ditch from which it came. it destroyed the fender and the side of the box of the truck. we were faced with two options:


1. replace the fender, pull out the dents, and cover up the bad damage with the new fender. cost: 800 for fender, 400 for paint.

2. replace the box. have a brand new box with no damage. cost: 1000 for box, "650" for the paint


so we went with the new box, we picked it up for a grand, brought it to maaco where we were quoted 650 dollars to paint the entire outside of the box to match the truck(the box was silver, the truck is blue). so we agreed, being only 650 dollars, what coudl go wrong. today we went and dropped off the old box at an auto-wreckers, then went to maaco to pick up the box. the guy handed us the work order, which stated the price was 1250, near double what we were quoted both when we first talked to them, and when we dropped off the box. they said the guy that gave us the quote and made up the work order was on vacation in saskatchewan for 2 weeks(who the hell would "vacation" in saskatchewan?) and couldnt be reached. they refused to do anything about the situation. we called the maaco head office, they said they couldnt do anything, so we did the only available thing. we went to the courthouse to pick up the papers to file a lawsuit. the woman at the counter there suggested we go to the registry office to do a company name search so we know exactly what name to put down on the legal forms. we get to the registries, walk up to the counter, my dad pulls out the maaco buisness cards and immediately the woman behind the counter says "oh no, i dont think we will be able to find the actual name of that company in our computers". we questioned her, and apparently about a year ago, they pulled the same sh*t with her son's girlfriend. tried charging double what was quoted. she checked her computer, and sure enough, no maaco. she said it must be a numbered company and that we would have to phone this place and get the actual name of the company, they legally had to tell us. so my dad called, and said that he needed to know the name of the company to file suit against. the guy was just stunned. he started saying sh*t like "why would you waste money with all this court stuff, why not just pay the extra 600 dollars?" my dad said "well we just happened to run into somebody else you recently f*cked over, i think with a history of doing this, a judge would be sympathetic towards us, and we would get not only the difference between the quote and what you charged, but also legal fees, and the cost of a box to put on the truck until we get ours back from you" almost immediately the guy started backtracking, and agreed to give us the box for the quoted $650.


not only did they try to rip us off price-wise, the paint job was horrible. there was orange-peel throughout, and tons of small gouges that they said were caused by the material. it was a god damn brand new box!


you really have to wonder just how many people they rip off with this sh*t. we were lucky because it was only a box, but if they have your car, and refuse to give your car back until it is paid, its kind of hard to go to court and wait months to get it if its your only transportation. they know for a fact that they did wrong, otherwise they would never have offered to accept the quoted $650 rather than their $1250 invoice price.



We really should have looked into this company. what a bunch of asshats


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Over The Wall

Damn deer.


Seriously though, I'm glad you threatened to take his ass to court. Was well worth it in the end. Can't ever trust people these days.

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I believe you should still take him to court these people are the rejects of life and need a wakeup call of course not all "Maaco" shop will be like this one but this guy will still do shoddy work until he's forced to change.


Even If you just give his business number to others like that woman at the registry if they spread the business number around to others then every who got dodged will be able to take vengence and get that scumbag to either close down or do a proper job.

Oh and if you ever go there again get a recording of the quote either voice or a quote slip because I believe If they quote that price then they CANNOT change it after the work has been carried out and if they refuse to let you have your car back then get the cop's I bet the cop's would make them give it back as it either theft or tresspass of person's I can't remember which blush.gif


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Chunky Lee Chong

What a bunch of assholes.


When I get a car, I'm not going to be the one to trust any other place than the dealer that sold me my car (if it was new). Incase of a used car, I'd still take it to its appropriate dealership. It may be more expensive, but in the end it's worth it.

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my dad had 2 cars painted my maaco, he threatened that if they didnt do a good job, they dont get paid, and they did great jobs. but that is maaco near ravenna OH, i think.


CLC: thats not the best thing, when my mom wrecked her van we took it to the dealer and they did a hack job repairin it, (left damaged ball joint in, left orig caliper on the side on which the wheel was ripped off, left broken coil spring on the same side, ordered wrong rims.....) and we had to take it back about 15 times before we got it back to normal. so when my dad wrecked my car, we took it to the body shop right next door to the dealer's serivce garage. but that is ford though



Edited by turbosax05

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Back in the 90's, we (Brother) purchased a 91 Mustang, which had a bad paint job. We took it to Maaco for a new, black paint job.


Did the job, looked amazing.


The first time the car was washed, 70% of the paint fell off the car.


Talk about pissed.


My personal opinion from personal experiences, and what I've heard about maaco...


Stay away from them. They'll screw you.

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Richard Zurawski

Now this can apply to anything, not just mechanics and panelshops.


Before any work begins, obviously you get a quote. Now unless you get a firm quote in writing, it is considered to be a quasai (sp?) contract. Now this means that the quote given was a rough estimate and that they can charge you for extra work, like for things that needed doing that weren't realised at the time, extra materials etc. Now unfortunatley there are a whole range of f*ckwits out there who target people using the quasai contract principle and they do all the unnesacary sh*t and jack up the price accordingly and because the work is already done, there aint a whole lot you can do about it. Unfortunatley Sip, it appears that you have been burned by some of these dodgey c*nts.


So the lesson here is, get a firm written quote specificly for the work that is being done. That way, if anything happens and they try to charge extra, you can tell them to get f*cked, that you had a firm quote and you have it on paper to prove it, so you aren't paying a cent more and there's nothing they can do about it.

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First off, MAACO is f*cking NOTORIOUS for horrid paint jobs. Once in a rare while, they'll actually do a good job, but almost 99% of the time, they'll mess up in some way. I've seen so many cars come from there with horrible orange peel, paint chipping off, and runs & drips that it's insane. Personally, if you ever need a paint job, steer clear of MAACO and go talk to local body shops instead. It might cost more, but what's more important, saving $4-500, or having a nice paint job?

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Maaco is the McDonalds of paint, I've heard alot bad from them, but we don't have any of them 'round here.

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