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Comparative Review Video


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IGN has just put up an Comparatine Review Video. It compares Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC. To save you time, here is EXACTLY (Just about) what the mini article says at IGN. Links included. Or you can simply CLICK HERE to download or view. To view the article CLICK HERE.

File Size:

user posted imageWindows Media

320 x 240 (35.0 MB)

640 x 480 (63.9 MB) IGN Insiders Only

user posted imageQuickTime

320 x 240 (77.1 MB)

640 x 480 (147.8 MB) IGN Insiders Only


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Comparative Review

How do the Xbox and PC versions compare? We cound the ways in video form.

by Douglass C. Perry


June 14, 2005 - Six months to the day of the PS2's release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Rockstar has brought the Grand Theft opus to both the Xbox and PC. Now, Xbox and PC gamers who don't own a PS2 have the chance to play one of the best games of this generation on their respective systems.


A little different than a head-to-head, and not quite a video review, this comparative review, or comparative conversation between EIC Dan Adams and Doug Perry about the port of GTA: San Andreas, is worth its weight in MB.


How do the games fare on these systems? Do they look better or worse? How are the load times? Faster, shorter? How does the game play using the Xbox controller and the PC's mouse and keyboard? What about the new features? How they factor in? What about the secrets? We answer all these questions in today's feature, which by the way, is not a review -- There is no score; it's a video commentary. We discuss the differences in an audio format, and you can see the differences for yourself as we play and display video of both games one after the other.


Check it out HERE.


Also, make sure to check out the Insider Masterbit of GTA: SA Insider Masterbit of GTA: SA side-by-side, where we post the videos side-by-side.


Interested in this game? Add it to your wishlist. If you already own it, be sure to add it to your collection. You can keep track of the games you've got, check personalized stats, get tips and cheats by email, and more.

Edited by street454
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