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Maybe R* is faking


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Hopefully rahkstar2.gif isnt making a fake story, title, and pictures to entertain us. I don't want to get excited a bout something that is fake. But Hopefully the game is really coming out.



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What exactly are you refering to, because I doubt its to the article in the offical PS2 UK magizine. You're most likely talking about, or basing your 'idea' on the fake menu and multiplayer pictures that were floating about. In that case, it's those pictures that are fake, and made up by some bored sap, not by Rockstar Leeds, North, or R* Games in any way. The game is real and going to be released....


..I need an Advil....

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The pictures from that magazine are real.

There won't be any multiplayer.

It is unknown still if there will be planes or not in the game.

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I was really excited about maybe having multipalyer. I wanted to dogfight p2 or possibley p3 and p4. Man cryani.gif




/ \

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I was really excited about maybe having multipalyer. I wanted to dogfight p2 or possibley p3 and p4. Man cryani.gif




/ \

Dude, go buy State of Emergency for the Xbox. Its PvP is pretty much what GTA multiplayer would be only better gfx, more accurate and more fun.



I never have understood why people want GTA MP so badly. There are so many games with better weapons, better aiming, better gfx, etc... for multiplayer. GTA is great for the sandbox SP experience and they probably don't do multiplayer because it just wouldn't be that good.


Coop would be cool, but games like UT2k4, BF1942, CS and so many others are more suited for MP.


I guess taking land like gang wars may sound apealing, but thats pretty much capturing check points in the games listed above.


I guess the biggest weakness would have to be the combat. Aiming is awful, movements aren't responsive enough and combat very rudimentary. It'd be like playing MP on the original Tomb Raider for PC. Just not upto todays standards.


It'll probably be the next renderware engine before these issues are addressed and we get a killer MP GTA game.


Although, I guess people who only have a PS2 don't have much in the way of quality MP games, so it might work in that regard. Naw, just save $5-600 when you can and build a decent gaming PC. Thats where the best of the best MP gaming is.



EDIT: oh yeah, DUH! I don't know what I was thinking, we are talking PSP. I guess it would be cool since there isn't much offered on it yet. I see a lot of people wanting MP on PC/console forums and was thinking console/PC rather than PSP.


Sorry man.

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I would love to see some GTA on my PSP. Too bad it won't have any multiplayer, because that's what I was most interested in. It would seem fun running havoc in the streets with a partnar. Even better if there using their own screen and everything. One thing that I have been dreaming about ever since GTA3 is an online gang mode. That would be truly amazing and severly entertaining.


PS: A game called Colors for the Gizmondo(think PSP rival, only with a camera intergrated and 2x the price, has some backing from Microsoft) is supposed to coming out sounds like it'll be based upon that element of the GTA, only minus the cars.

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