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GTA:Connection merges with SA-MP


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The fact that Camaro is from Mr Men and has blue skin and an amazingly round body is a big secret, how did you find out!


My body is more round than you think. It's like a circle, and a smaller circle on top of it, and thats my head.... Errr. Anyways, yeah, I'm a person that never gets bored... I guess I'm "dedicated"... tounge.gif

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So to the question... Am I part of the team? Just not sure because of me saying that I wanted to leave gtac, and the main part of that was just because I got really sick of Vice City. Its up to the team just please concider my joining. 

I thought you were dead 


Have a chat with kyeman sometime, make an offer I guess. Don't think you were counted in the last census of the GTA:C Team.


Lol tounge2.gif Ha im still alive. Okay Ill get on irc and talk to kyeman sometime..


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Nice to see Smithers on the team smile.gif


Smithers, you probably wouldn't remember, but a loooong time ago on IRC, you talked about some serious good ideas on multiplayer-mode with the Vice City engine. If you happen to realize them in this mod, well, there nothing more than cookies for you cookie.gif

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Speaking of personalities, what is the name of the guy responsible for the racist bot attacks in MTA ? You know, the guy who wrote that long goodbye post , had "hardcore" as an alias after.

yes, i have not been playing MTA.


and also, i was not the racist, do not try to pin that on me.


you people are all so touchy here, i love it.



Could've fooled me. Quote from a certain GTA modding website Sobeit "i officially hate ni**ers." Not racist? Link here.

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This forum is for discussing the development of the SA-MP modification, arguments between individual members can be taken to PM.

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I know that the GTA:C and SA-MP teams have lots of experience and it is good to see that these two teams have merged

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does anyone now when the SA-MP is done


i'm looking forward to it

Expect a release in 2-3 months. That's their goal which I think they can meet.

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