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Marina Carpak mod.

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I'm going to create a full conversation mod for Vice City...

And i'm making a save game with all of the vehicles in the game in the garage...

Now in the garage are 35 vehicles and i can't store any more cars...

I'm trying to edit the main.scm file to make the limit of the cars to 45-50, but i'm an amateur and i don't know how to do it. Can somebody tell me how to change the limit of the cars?

Or if i can't do that can somebody help me and change the limit, i'll send the Scm by e-mail, because i can't upload it to server because you'll not see the file (i'm from Bulgaria)...

10x in advance...

P.S. I'm sorry for the bad english... blush.gif


Edited by BMWPower

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You would need to alter all the array definitions to a larger number, search for all the 'Define array's and increase the array size. Have you also spoken to Patrick about using this?


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yes he has contacted me about this, and as always the marina carpark code is open for everyone to use in their mod ( if they ask )..


And I also told him, not to raise the maximum number of cars in the garage, as it will lead to instability and crashes.


Another serious limit ( the one that caused me to pin the maximum at 40), is that the engine will only display 40 cars of the same model at the same time. So if you would raise the mitit to 41, and try to park 41 admirals in it, the game will crash.....


Other than that have fun with it.

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Ok, thank you very much for the answer.

I decided to create two savegames with cars... colgate.gif

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