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4x Draw Distance Available

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Well, 4x seems to be IDEAL. No frame rate drops or anything and you get how it really should look maxing out your draw distance in the settings. I included a new stream.ini with vehicles set to 1200 as well.



4x Draw Distance and Vehicles set to 1200


user posted image

View from the Jetpac


user posted image

Looking at Mt. Chiliad from Doherty


user posted image

View from the stunt plane at 4x

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Sunrie, as much as we appreciate you bringing us variations of Gemeni's draw-distance mod, making multiple topics is just not a good idea. You made one for 2x and now here's a 4x, just don't end up making a 6x topic next. The wiser choice would be to make a table containing all of your variations into one topic, for the sake of organization.




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You're right, I appologise. I won't be making any more topics or modifications of it.

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mer cinder

sme... i don't think the world will come crashing down if he uses up a slight bit of space with an extra topic.... I just came on a bit ago to query how difficult it would be to program a 4 or 5 times distance version of the mod... and here it was... prolly would have missed it if it was in the 2X thread.


Not all of us check all threads up and down... Just easier to skim. We's is lazay smile.gif

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