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I don't get it...

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D Jones
If you are friends with Ceasar who is apparently part of the Varrios Los Atzecas gang, and you even helped the Atzecas flush the Vagos out of their hood, why do they attack you?



"Grove street sucks ass!" Then you try to walk away and they shoot you up.


"You from here, homes?"


"Where you think, motherf*cker? Orange Grove!"


Then they shoot you up.



Also if you are cool with Woozie, LEADER of the Triad gang, why is it that the Triads are also unfriendly towards you?


I think sometimes when they say "f*ckHEAD!" They are asking where you are from, because they don't have a normal audio file for that. Trust me, I pressed negative when they said "f*ckhead" and some of the times CJ said, "No where, mister."


Anyways, when you answer positively to them and say "Grove Street" They shoot you up...



You'd think the relationship would be there or the leaders would tell their gang that you are friendly... Why?

I think R* took out the whole "Have other gang follow you around and help" out. It was mentioned in a magazine but it never happened. It sucks, because this would have helped a lot during random Gang Attacks.

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Just use recruit anyone cheat, FYI: The Triads are a pretty good shot with the AK. ¢$¢


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The game came out in october, get over it. ¢$¢


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D Jones
IMO This is a bunch of bullsh*t. Why would they take it out? If it was in, I'd keep it in, horrible move by R*


Also the UZI Used to be in the game in the BETA versions! There are screens with it. I can't believe Rockstar would ruin a part of the game with bullsh*t like that.

San Andreas has the Uzi in the game. R* just doesn't want some things in the game and took them out at the last minute.

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There isn't an Uzi in game, the gun in the game is the Mac 11. ¢$¢


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Its a Mac-10.

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Not much of a difference, the Mac 11 is just a newer model, so I said that. ¢$¢


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