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i was wondering how you get new weapons delivered to ammunations. i heard somewhere that if u find a weapon it is delivered to ammunation, so i went and killed a triad for an AK-47 then went to ammunation and it was delivered. But then i went and found an M4 in a backyard in San Fierro and went in ammunation and it never said it had been delivered. Also some of the weapons i got during missions were delivered to ammunation like the remote explosives during one of the robbing missions for catalina. But i got a rocket launcher for the truths last mission were u have to burn all the weed and it wasnt delivered to ammunation. So is it only for certain guns or what???

Edited by MartyVice30

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Enter as much ammu-nations as you can you will then get more guns.

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I have a question: when do Ammu-nations open up? Do you have to pass certain missions before you get access to them? Because none of them ever seem to be open for me.

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Only certain weapons are available at the beginning of the game, and as you progress through the game, new weapons will be unlocked; picking up weapons has no effect on them being delivered to Ammu-Nation.


Secondly, I believe Ammu-Nation opens up when you complete the mission "Doberman," but i'm not sure.


Hope that helped you guys. biggrin.gif



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Craig Kostelecky

The weapons unlock as you progress through the story line. New weapons are unlocked when these conditions are true:




Just a note that all of these weapons are available from the very beginning of the game if you download v1.2 of my Opened up mod. The only downside is you have to start a new game to get it.

Edited by Craig Kostelecky

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