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[REL|SA|SCR] Trasnfender Overhaul

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I just did that Bushman_XXL, and it worked fine. Maybe you are using an opened up mod or something? Or maybe your using the cheap objects mod? I don't know but it doesn't sound like anyone else is having this problem. Sorry if it's giving you problems, I have done many tests with it and it hasn't froze on me once yet.


Edit: Bikes don't have NOS for some reason. Even with the "all cars have nitro" code, they still don't. I have found that the quadbike can have nos, but it isn't included to have NOS in my transfender fix.

Bikes cant hv NOS?


then how do they make NOS in bike by using ARMAX / cb / gs or something like that?


Is that a memory hack?

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Hmm.... is it confirmed that bikes have NOS in the PS2 version with AR or wtf ever? Thats weird. Wondering is the coding is different. Not sure, but I have tried multiple things and can't get bikes to have NOS.


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Yes , I am sure smile.gif

becoz i seen it in many bike stunt video smile.gif



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thanks for the no dirt/rust mod im useing it now. hehe

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yeah me too tounge2.gif

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Has anyone allready found a solution to make this also work with the patriot.

I really can't wait for modding my own hummer.

A pity Rockstar didn't put it in as a civilian vehicle sad.gif

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offroader23 It's possible to mod the game to add new bumpers to BULLET or TAXI or other cars?

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