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Ok I love San Andreas, but there is one problem. Everytime the rain starts, my frame rate gets slowed down and becomes jittery (only when raining). During the rest of the game, everything works pretty much fine. Note, that I have medium draw distance and lowest fx effects. My specs either meet or exxeed the recommended specs, and here they are:

I have:

-2.0Gh Pentium 4

-256mb ATI Radeon 9600 (game wants 128)

-1Gig Ram

-16x DVD Drive

-Enough space (16G)

-Direct X 9.0c


Can someone please tell me why the game acts like this during rain, and how I can stop the jitering (without the sunny cheat, or do cheats not matter in 100% completion).? Also, is there a hack that will stop rain from ever happening on the game? Thanks in advance!!!

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5 answers to this question

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Same problem here




GeForce FX 6600 GT

SB Live 5.1


DX 9.0c



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Neo-K 182
this has happend to a lot of people, the rain in sanan is made differently so it takes up a bit more of your video card. so it can slow down for a bit. it does it for me too, nothing wrong with the system, just puts to much on the system. but it's suprizing that your system does it. cause you have a bit more power than mine and if it's on lowest settings. idk, might actually be something wrong for you. kinda doubt it though.

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This isnt normal slow down that you experience in driving games with spray


As soon as it flicks into rain (as in, as the spray is just forming) it slows right down. Then it stays slow until it has stopped raining. Even with no spray visible


Also, no matter what graphics settings (640x480 on lowest details, i have tried), it does it just as bad


This isnt a performance issue like low FPS caused by a out dated computer, there is something seriously wrong. sad.gif

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Hmm, so this happens to others too. Ok, thanks guys. Oh, though my system is not thw worst, I keep fx at low to increase performance further (some times it slows if i walk into a shadow). But hey, the game still looks wicked!

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ummm with the rain somtimes my sound FX shut off but i fixed that with the drivers upgrade, i love my computer i built it my self


3400+ AMD 64 socket 939 CPU


200 gig WD 7200 rpm HD

Nvidia 6800 GT GPU

1 gig of Ultra PC3200 ram running at 400mhz and at dual channel

dvd burner and cd burner

520 watt aspire PSU

and the MGE Viper Case, with 11 fans, and a huge CPU HEat sink Thermaltake Heat Pipe

i use on board 8 channel audio which works fine, i will up grade that sooner or later.

i have pics on my myspace, myspace.com/rockhead

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