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Gym bug



Ok, so i completed the game yesterday. Because i hadn't eaten on the game i lost muscle, and i wanted to train it up again. But when i went to the gym and tried to use something, it just said "You have trained enough for today bla bla" that sh*t. And ive waited for days on the game and ive tried to eat and then go training but it doesent work. What is wrong?

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3 answers to this question

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no one becomes mr world muscle 2005 in one day.

Just wait for the next day, man.

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I just got the very same problem. Haven't finished the game yet but I had to loose muscle for Helena. So I starved CJ until he lost enough and finished all the Helena dates. went back to get my body back but the gym keeps telling me that I excersised enough for today. I went back to the safehouse, saved 4 times, went back but still no use. I ate some food, no use. I saved after eating, no use. This is seriously messed up... confused.gif


I'm too far into the story to start over again for this bulls**t...

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This is a well-known glitch in the PS2 version of the game. I'm surprised it wasn't fixed before they released the PC version. confused.gif


Anyway, there is an entire topic dedicated this glitch here. Try the suggested solutions listed in there and you should be able to fix it. If you continue to have problems then post a reply in that topic. smile.gif


By the way, this forum is dedicated to PC-specific problems with the game - in particular to do with getting the game to work on your computer. Most questions about the actual game should be posted in the Gameplay forum.



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