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Some GTA SA problems



Ok, i think i have a HUGE problem whit the game and after several hours of trying everything i could come up whit and the things people on forums (like this) suggest have not helped.


The first problem:


Audio (anybody suprised?)


I dont have anything you could call sound in the game. Theres no sound in the city, if i want to hear the what the people around me say i have to go into theyr face, the sound from cars are only heard when im right at the car. When i enter a car i dont have any sound at all, i only hear the radio and might hear the passing cars when they are passing.


Second problem:


At the first mission i drive to the barber shop. Enters and place my black behind in the chair. I then get the menue for hari cuts. I select one and use the "lshift" key to select my new hair. Nothing happens. I have enough money but nothing happens. I hit enter, i get up and leave and gets up that i need to enter the barber shop. Whats happening. This happens alot, sometimes i cant run at all becaus my sprint is on "lshift" and lshift dosnt work for some odd reasons.


Thats the 2 huge problems im facing. I have done everything i have heard to help. replacing eax whit some older file, tuning down hardware acceleration, turn emulation off in the registry, doing GTA compatible whit win 98. Nothing, nada, nothing works.


I have a soundblaster Audigy 2 soundcard, Nvidia FX 5600 (256), 2.9 GHZ CPU and 512 RAM. I have the newest drivers for everything, defragmanted my HD and done what i can think of.

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3 answers to this question

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Aint there anyone whit a tip for help?

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if ure lshift dont work redefine ure controll in the options menue

ands abotu soudn theres loadsa topic here considering sound problems

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I have gotten the shift think to work again (dont know what happen, just started to work again) but im no closer to get the audio back online again even though i have tried the suggestions from this forums.


Gues i just have to wait for some patch to help me out here.

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