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GTA:SA Opcodes


Recommended Posts


Does that opcode automatically transport you to a hospital too?



No, it's doing with scripts:



:CASINO6_3203603CB: set_rendering_origin_at 1578.446 1770.682 9.828 04E4: unknown_refresh_game_renderer_at 1578.446 1770.682 0972: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at 1578.446 1770.682 9.828 // versionC 0173: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR Z_angle_to 99.7567 0974: unknown_emulate_wasted // +12 hours and clear weapons 0006: [email protected] = 0 



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[08EA=1,unknown_toggle_gang_traffic %1h%I


t looks like a toggle of the gang car traffic or something related with gang generation. Please, confirm it.


actually is :


 08EA=1,unknown_toggle_gangs_spawn %1h% 


setting it to 0 ,no gangs spawn in the streets,but the gag colors and territories still appear on map .

set to 1 ,gangs spawn in streets as usual.


good job Seemann ,keep up the good work icon14.gifcookie.gif

would Sanny's SASCM.INI will work with mb ?

Edited by Freakingfreak
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would Sanny's SASCM.INI will work with mb ?

It would, although in some opcodes MB's and Sanny's one have different parameters order. You surely could update your INI, but old scripts written in MB might be not working with sanny's SASCM.INI.



New opcodes:



08F5: save_player_group08F6: restore_player_group



They are used in some missions to prevent a disappering of the group members while CJ is inside interiour or garage (for example, in mission "Cesar Vialpando" while in lowrider garage).



Could someone to confirm this:



099E: unknown_toggle_police_cars_traffic 0



I'm not sure of it.

Edited by Seemann
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The whole block of opcodes dealing with "AS_origin" (my variant of naming this):



061D: create_AS_origin_at 950.9462 2114.972 1011.5 Z_angle 180.0 unknown 15.0 AS_pack [email protected] handle_as [email protected]


creates virtual point (XYZ coords and actor's angle) and assign to it an AS_pack (action_sequences defined with 0615, 0616).



074C: AS_actor -1 goto_AS_origin [email protected]


makes the actor goto to this point and stand by the specified angle.



0642:   actor [email protected] at_AS_origin [email protected]


check if actor is at AS_origin's place



061E: remove_references_to_AS_origin [email protected]


removeref to this



0621: create_actor_pedtype 5 model #VWFYWA2 at_AS_origin [email protected] task 1466 handle_as [email protected]


create an actor at AS_origin place (very handy as it allowed to set the position and angle simultaneously. Also makes him to do some task.



0680: unknown_assign_AS_origin [email protected] to_actors_pedtype 24


not sure what it is for.


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Sh*t, could someone explain to me, WHY THIS opcode had incorrect parameters number FOR YEARS??? That's unbelievable...


Nevermind, now that's fixed, 00E2 has THREE parameters!


I repeat: 00E2 has THREE parameters


00e2=3,get_player %1d% key %2d% state_to %3d%




00E2: get_player 0 key 4 state_to $keystate // 0 - unpressed; 255-pressed



The first and the second parameters are same as for 00E1, the last one is a variable where the key state will be stored. The possible values: 0 - if key is unpressed, 255 - pressed.



I still can't believe...



It also makes difference between keys that have same number (for example for Left-Right buttons which both have ID= 0).




00E2: get_player 0 key 0 state_to $keystate


returns -128 if pressed Left and 128 if pressed Right.


Would be very useful in some cases.

Edited by Seemann
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Could someone to confirm this:


099E: unknown_toggle_police_cars_traffic 0



should be :


099E: unknown_toggle_police_patrols 0



setting it to 0 and cops will not patrol the streets,by foot or in cars/bikes ,u can have 1 wanted star and still,no cops,however on the 2nd wanted star police cars and cops on foot start to chase you down .

Edited by Freakingfreak
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Freakingfreak; could you also test these opcodes?


06D0, 0923


They do something with a traffic too, but I'm not sure what exactly.


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 06D0: unknown_toggle_ambulances_firetrucks 0 



setting to 0 ,no ambulances&firetrucks

1 = as usual ,firetrucks come to extinguish fires ,ambulances show up when peds where shot .



 0923: unknown_toggle_air_traffic 0 



im not completley sure about this 1 ,need to check some more,i'll edit this it if i proved wrong.

it does not include the police and tv choppers that following you when you are wanted.




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The fresh ones:


0A46: toggle_external_scripts_triggers_type 1 enabled 1



This opcode allows to enable/disable all script triggers.


The first parameter means the trigger type:

0 for actors (opcode 0928)

1 for objects (opcode 0929)


Was used once in the mission "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" to disable poker, roulette and all gambling triggers while CJ is inside the casino.



0951: disable_trip_skip


disables the current active tripskip



0A2B:   widescreen_option_enabled


returns true if Widescreen enabled in Options-Display-Advanced



09FD: get_gxt_string 'XSELECT' width_to [email protected] 


get output string width, integer.



09FF: set_restart_closest_to $x $y $z


after wasted/busted player will be put at the restart point (016C, 016D) closest to this one



08D1: store_cutscene_pos_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


gets the cutscene pos set by 0244.

Edited by Seemann
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello! It would be great if somebody could help me! I tried to use this opcode: 0677=4,AS_actor %1h% chat_with_actor %2d% %3h% %4h% but it didn't work. for %1h% i used $PLAYER_ACTOR for %2d% @3 (an actor I spawned before) and for %3h% and %4% i am not sure. it should be 1 or 0! I tried everything thats possible(1 and 0; 1 and 1; 0 and 1; 0 and 0) but nobody talked! I just want this talking animation! Like the PEDS do sometimes on the streets. Please help me

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Well IIRC one of those parameters is time in ms for the animation, so you're trying to talk for 0 or 1ms, that's a thousandth of a second maximum. I can't remember what the other one is but why did you assume they were both boolean. As with anything, mimic original code.

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davisp; the third parameter of 0677 is a lead_speaker flag which sets who will talk first. You have to use 0677 twice for every actor to make them chatting.



0677: AS_actor $actor1 chat_with_actor $actor2 lead_speaker_flag 0 unknown_flag 1 0677: AS_actor $actor2 chat_with_actor $actor1 lead_speaker_flag 1 unknown_flag 1



Newest ones:


06BF=3,set_searchlight %1d% follow_car %2d% speed %3d%06C0=2,  searchlight %1d% spotted_car %2d%



Same as 06B6, 06B7 but for a car.



Two very specific opcodes, used only in the card games wink.gif



059D: shuffle_card_decks 1



The game has 6 virtual arrays for the cards decks, each of them keeps 52 values meaning a card ranking and suit. This opcode randomizes the cards order.

The parameter means a number of the cards decks to shuffle. Possible values: 1-6.



059E: get_card_to $cardID


Stores the upper card ID to the variable. Possible returned values:

01-13 for the clubs (from the ace to the king),

14-26 for the diamonds,

27-39 for the spades,

40-52 for the hearts.

Edited by Seemann
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0078=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float)0079=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float)007a=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 007b=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 007c=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 007d=2,%1d% += unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 007E=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float)007f=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 0080=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float)0081=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 0082=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float)0083=2,%1d% -= unknown_float * %2d%  ; (float) 



That's what these ones do: the second parameter multipled by the unknown float and is added to (substracted from) the variable value. The unknown_float is a random number stored at address 0x00B7CB5C.


I believe, that float is the current framerate (FPS or something similar) which is changed always. R* used these opcodes to get real random values.


Any thoughts what could this float be else?


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accidently, by looking thru guidance law math found that in SA,


05A4=5,get??? %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% store_to %5d% 


and i let you name it as we all know how it ends when i name them.

2D-math opcode. gives smallest angle between vector origin->%1d% %2d% and vector origin->%3d% %4d%. all floats.

Edited by PLPynton
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we all know how it ends when i name them

Just don't swap the damn parameters and everything will be OK. wink.gif


Personally, I'm not good at the math coding (these angles, vectors, velocities ... where, I believe, you ARE better of me), so name it yourself smile.gif


There's similar opcodes


05A5:   unknown_check [email protected] [email protected] 16.0 16.0 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]:   unknown_calculate [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] store_to [email protected] [email protected] // IF and SET


which do something with angles and such. Ideas?


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05A5: is_area_center @489(@228,10f) @499(@228,10f) scale 12.0 12.0 overlaping_area_center @573(@227,10f) @583(@227,10f) scale @613 @613

found by demarest concerns more like screen.


i found only conditional usage of 05B0, and it seems to be that last 5th pair of 2D coords is checked if it fits to unknown relation from first 4 pairs of parameters- also 2D coords. or i can say that is a pretty damn time consuming opcode and after all it can be pooltable-only related.


i can suggest:


05A4=5,get_angle_between_vectors_origin_to %1d% %2d% and_origin_to %3d% %4d% store_to %5d% 


there is a special word in english for angles <180 degrees but i do not know it yet and it would be quite important to insert that word into this description.

Edited by PLPynton
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0668=5,unknown_action_sequence %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% 0668: unknown_action_sequence $ACTOR 0.0 0.0 0.0 2000 



Should be



0668=5,actor %1d% fire_at %2d% %3d% %4d% time %5d% ms 0668: actor $ACTOR fire_at 0.0 0.0 0.0 time 2000 ms



The opcode appears to tell the armed actor to fire its weapon at the x, y, z for the set amount of time.

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i named it before rotate to coord, are you sure that he actually opens fire? that is cool, even if i made mistake. i was looking for code like this.


here's my tax:


0574=2,set_vehicle %1d% pinned_position %2h% ex. after teleport to keep position regardless of gravity.


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i named it before rotate to coord, are you sure that he actually opens fire? that is cool, even if i made mistake. i was looking for code like this.


here's my tax:


0574=2,set_vehicle %1d% pinned_position %2h% ex. after teleport to keep position regardless of gravity.


I spotted the opcode in the AMMU Nation shooting range mission so I tested it on a few models and sure enough if they're armed they fire at the coord.


Video for your viewing pleasure biggrin.gif



Edited by BBumper
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099B=1,set_vehicle %1d% hold 


virtually engages breakes and "neutral gear", disengages after re-enter.


0918=2,set_vehicle %1d% enable_ignition_and_neutral_gear %2h% 


virtually enables or disables engine ignition and as well engages neutral gear.


0919=2,set_vehicle %1d% enable_parking_lights %2h% 


as normal lights and works only when vehicle parked (player is outside ect.)


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hi, i have already faced people asking strange questions, i was also a bit confused reading it, now i get it. do not worry, it happens.


here is my opcode tax:


0946=2,set_actor %1d% actions_uninterupted_by_incomming_weapon_fire %2h% 


so he can continue ex. shooting at target ignoring being under fire. in other words he dances like a duck when under fire, after setting it to 1 there is no more duck dance.

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This is only a suggestion.



066C=10,create_FxSystem %1h% attached_to_vehicle %2d% offset %3d% %4d% %5d% rotation %6d% %7d% %8d% unknown %9h% handle_as %10d%


Should be.



066C=10,create_FxSystem %1h% attached_to_vehicle %2d% offset %3d% %4d% %5d% rotation %6d% %7d% %8d% times %9h% handle_as %10d%
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so after you set it to 3 it repeats itself 3 times right? is it anyhow related to FX keyPLAYMODE from FX definition file? like looped FX will be played 3 times in this case instead of a loop? just curiosity.


i mean that is the spirit, keep it up looking. and here is my tax:


093B=2,set_actor %1d% actions_uninterupted_by_weapon_hits %2h% 


so he can continue ex. shooting at target ignoring being smashed by weapons.

Edited by PLPynton
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dbl pst gets paid:




use to define end of previous and beginning of a new one



0755=5,set_animation_path_add_3D_coord %1d% %2d% %3d% as_trigger_for_animation %4h% file %5h% 


use to add a coordinate at specified animation is executed.



0817=3,set_actor %1d% assign_to_present_animation_path_with_walk_mode %2h% route_mode %3h% 


engage actor with animation path. walk modes are known. route mode is basically an order of waypoints between the actor is traveling in (example: 4 waypoints, let it be A,B,C,D):

0-normal order of waypoints, once (ABCD)

1-normal order of waypoints and reverse, once (ABCDCBA)

2-normal order of waypoints plus reversed, looped (ABCDDCBAABCD...)

3-normal order of waypoints, looped (ABCDABCDABCD...)

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Good work PLPynton.


But these opcodes don't work for me:


0946=2,set_actor %1d% actions_uninterupted_by_incomming_weapon_fire %2h%



093B=2,set_actor %1d% actions_uninterupted_by_weapon_hits %2h%



I use them after I created them (They heven't got a weapon on at that moment). And it still interupts them. Maybe because I refresh they shooting every 100 ms?

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there is strong probability that a game object under influence of some opcodes in loop will behave extraoridinary. like vehicles under constant hydraulic enable...

how i test that is: create actor, let him be set to 0946 and 093B with parameter 1. then i take M16 and shot at him, he is like reinforced MF, i smash him and he is still like reinforced MF. now i set it both to 0, after that he dances like bunny under bullets and he flips like bunny as well when i smash him. actually the actions are not interupted (like he will continue to shot at player as his form of defence mechanism) however the animations of that actor are still showing that he is being hit by bullet (excluding these "critical hits" that are obvious to happen if you aim well and are interupting his present action/animation). relatively, however it should not interupt actions of that perticular actor after you set it to 1 for him. you remember one of the storyline misions where you are about to kill smoke? he is suppose to be a hell of an opponent not only because of amount energy he happens to have, but as well because he is being reinforced with both of these opcodes.

edit: i triple checked and it works as i described, for me. pm me your script (that part of it) at any further doubts pls.

Edited by PLPynton
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Ok thanks. I'll try to edit some things in my code. And when it still doesn't work I'll PM you. At the CLEO topic I asked about getting shooting XYZ. And you say check if he's shooting and check his position. But that aren't the coords the player is shooting at confused.gif .

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