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Turismo phone mission

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I have beaten all of the Portland payphone missions including Turismo, but for some reason the mission will not dissapear on the map and at the phone itsself. I have beaten the misson without blowing them up and also tried and won by killing them with a tank. Any help? This is really annoying because the game says 72 out of 73 missions are done, and I think the payphone mission is messing this all up.

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Chunky Lee Chong

Stop worrying about Turismo.


This is no glitch, it's just offering you an activity after you've completed all of El Burro's missions. The same thing will happen with King Courtney and D-Ice. What you need to do is pick up a 100% completion guide and look at everything.

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Think of it as a bonus race - you get to better your time after you've completed it.


The most common reason people have one mission missing is because they killed Kenji (in "Waka-gashira Wipeout") before finishing all his missions. Vice City and SA were designed to keep this from happening - that's why sometimes a mission marker will disappear until you go do some other missions.

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a lil off topic but.. this also happened to me on gta3, i missed the two-faced tanner mission and didn't realise, because i think i did donald love's missions too soon or something cryani.gif

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