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NEW Fix for Sound Problems


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Okay guys, I was almost givin up. I had done every thing: Tons of Drives, configs, sound aceleration off, etc...


But at least for my the solution of the problem is way simpler... and now the sounds run PERFECET.


All you have to do is put GTA SA to run on window 98/ME compatibility mode.


For those of you that dont now how to do it:


1) Right click on your GTA SA desktop icon, and go to propites


2) On the compatibility tab choose WIN 98 compatibilty


3)Have fun cool.gif


A fix broght to you by the Brazilian Guy

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thankz for that i am getting raly anoyed with the screatching beep

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With the Robbing Uncle Sam mission, the sound was dropping out when I got to the docks, music staying on. If I put in compatibility mode it just crashes at that spot instead.


Oh well.

Edited by Overture
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For this did you choose to install the audio files or not? I tried it without and it's still not working (done all the driver upgrades, dxdiag stuff etc).

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Yeah works for me too.

I'm running with a soundblaster Audigy 2 platinum and had the same sound problems, missing fx, speech etc. Lowering my hardware acceleration worked but it sounded arse.

Using windows 98 compatibility works better though i do still get an occasional stuck sound and it even froze once when i adjusted my volume.

I love pcs, so much more fun going through all this than just sticking it in and playing...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just putting San Andreas in compatability mode for Win 98/Me worked for me. I have a SoundBlaster PCI 128 and tried updating the drivers but that did nothing.


The LShift problem is a lot easier to solve than the complicated stuff ^^ up there a bit. You just need to redifine the controls. The compatability mode combines "LShift" and "RShift" into "Shift". So all you need to do is redefine the sprint key, and it comes up as "Shift" instead. Worked for Me biggrin.gif

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