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Roleplay Ideas?

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I know many of you focus on the games story line, and thats it... But for those who like to Roleplay and act out parts, could you share some ideas on what you do to role play? I'm trying to find out more things to do rather than just the storyline. RPing is fun, if you get into it.


Anyway, please, share what you have smile.gif

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This forum should be used for help with missions and similar issues, I'll see if a mod can move this to the general area of discussion...

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I sometimes "act" out people from American movies, like Denzel Washington from "Training Day." Or I live a normal life, stopping at lights, walking, eating, sleeping, hanging out with homies. Or I pretend to be a hitman. I sometimes play taxi, too. Fun stuff.~M$&9$~

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Well, My Cj is dressed like Tupac, the Gangsta Tupac we all know and remember. So I hang out In Grove Street as the Gangsta Tupac, Doin' drive-by's on Ballas and shootin' up niggas. Then, sometimes I'll go rich Tupac, and go live in one of my many houses in L.V. and gamble a bit, dress up nice and go to a club..So bascially, I act out the life of Tupac...Mite sound werid, but it's cool. I have all the cars he has in my garages (i.e: A Candy Apple Red Lowrider (Savanna, really and Impala) with gold twist rims (Daytons)....)


So ya, it's cool, pick a celebrity or a favorite rapper/singer that you know alot about and lead on there life in the game.....




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Well I get into my suppd up Elegy and go street racing. Or I go and get my sniper rilfe and play "The perfectionist"

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What do you wear to be Tupac? I don't see much except the fowards bandana and bald head.~M$&9$~

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Heres a great idea: Crazy 88th from Kill Bill


Buy the Joke items from Binco (There are two, I forgot which one it is) and then get a bald hair cut. Then get all black suit and pants and shoes. Then get a katana.


Voila, make your own masterpiece. Who needs tarentino?

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yeah i been doing this stuff since the first gta i just drive around like the normal person and hang with hommies and stuff


really fun insted of doing missions

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