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Post a pic of your car here!

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I feel your pain😭



This was last October, Im glad its behind me now. Shes gonna get the class ii spoiler very soon!!! can't wait!!


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some aesthetic works have been done today













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Coolest driveway on the block. 




p0sTX37.jpg NGljwnq.jpg

thqJLRm.jpg peRZugW.jpg



Finally got the CRX done since the offseason. PCI spherical shock mount bearings, spherical GC top hats, ESMrace extended spherical ball joints, and ESMrace spherical tie rods. Quaife fast rack. Seibon Hood with Aerocatch latches, OMP TRS-E XL passenger seat. Everything in the steering and suspension now save for the front swaybar end links is spherical. Drives nice now that I have the front castor maxed. Sketchy before with steering that fast. 


AE86 is my roommate's car. 87 Corolla GTS. 16 valve with the Silvertop 20 valve ITB's, Ford Edis ignition, and the usual bolt ons,  MS1, Koni Yellows/various suspension mods. General weight reduction (Kirkey Pro drag, removed back seat) some 15x7 Rotas and Federal RS-R's. 

Edited by Lurch
added a few more pics.

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