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GTA San Andreas Screenshots

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Just dug these gems out of my old save folder. Quite proud of them.  

countryside theme      where am I?       highway love      home sick

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  • 3 weeks later...

Initial D
Monday, 15:00
Tuesday, 06:12
Tuesday, 13:00



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my screenshots taken from the amazing screenshot mod!




Edited by JohnsonHu
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  • 2 weeks later...

Funny what kind of mods you can find around the internet... 😂



Edited by alluke
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On 6/20/2019 at 4:06 AM, alluke said:

Funny what kind of mods you can find around the internet... 😂



0/10 no dynamites :p
mine turn

Bunta Fujiwara





Edited by BayuSumardi
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Been having fun with my fresh modded copy of GTA:SA. Man, I miss this game.

I'll be playing a new game once I have the best set of mods for it.







If it's ever possible to make CJ shout "VAE VICTIS, MOTHERF**KERS" when swinging this sword around, I'd definitely do it.


Edited by atheoAng3l0
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  • 3 weeks later...
Official General

How do you send images on here from PC ?

Edited by Official General
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Official General



The Grove Street Families gang makin' big moves in San Fierro. CJ is now the leader and Sweet has taken a back seat. Under CJ's leadership, the GSF have decided to make big moves into the crack trade and expand their operations outside of Los Santos. The problem though, is that the Ballas and the Vagos are also here in San Fierro to stay too. You know what that means right ? Grab your Glocks and Macs, and get ready to go to war, because the streets of San Fierro aint' gonna be the same NO MORE ! It's now 1994 and we're takin' da homies to WAR !


CJ always stays strapped with a 9mm pistol, but he has swapped the rusty old M1911 for a brand-new, gleaming black Glock. 





CJ and the GSF on a San Fierro street corner hustlin' at night, guns at the ready for any bustas that roll on' them. 




CJ caught slippin' by Ballas in Ocean Flats, the Ballas are shooting at him before he can fire his own Glock. 




The GSF are doing well in San Fierro, they are certainly making more money here. I'm mean look at the Cheetah rides they are pushin' !




The Vagos see Garcia as their turf now, they are trying to push out the remnants of the San Fierro Rifa. And CJ is not welome there either. 



Edited by Official General
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Everybody gangsta 'til the cops start using the same cheats.


Edited by atheoAng3l0
Downscaled le pic.
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Official General

A bunch of Vagos gang members visiting from Los Santos for a good time in Las Venturas stroll into The Four Dragons Casino. They have just finished joyfully stuffing themselves with a nice meal and dessert at The Venturas steakhouse in Redsands East. Now, all they have on their minds on tonight is to have some serious fun. They begin by gambling away their hard earned drug money to try and win big at the casino's tables. Next they plan to spend more cash in the strip clubs on some mighty fine female eye candy, after that, hit the bars/nightclubs to get drunk, and finally, pick up some super-sexy looking whores to bring them back to their hotel rooms to get laid. The first part of their night in Venturas is going well so far....




But then, not long after a bunch of Varrios Los Azteca gang members showed up in the casino and well, they too kinda had the same things in mind for their night of fun. All good, they are all red-blooded males just trying to have a real good time in Venturas right ? Just one BIG problem with this....is that the Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas really do not like each other, and whenever they meet it, it is never pretty a sight !




Well just as expected they confronted each other, exchanged insults, and before you could blink, they pulled out their guns. Then.....




They fire shots at each other and a wild gun fight breaks out in the casino ! They did not give a damn who they hit, shots flew everywhere and bullet shells were all over the floor. 





The Vagos guy just was not quick enough on draw.




Only one winner and one loser, the Azteca gang member walks away alive and before the cops come, he flees the scene, along with the rest of the gang members before. Meanwhile the Vagos gang member lies dead.




These LS gang members just can't behave themselves no matter where they go.....*SIGH*


Edited by Official General
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Official General
5 hours ago, ROCKSTAR MANIC said:

love those stories with screens @Official General Keep it up. 

Thanks bro ! I'm a very vivid storyteller, and as long as I have an audience interested, I will keep it up. In fact I have a concept thread about the story expansion for San Andreas in the works, it is coming soon, so stay tuned !!



Edited by Official General
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Official General

San Fierro Rifa in Las Venturas think they have seen some Vagos across the street. Time to strap up, and get ready for some serious beef. 


Edited by Official General
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