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Classic GTA San Andreas Screenshots


Recommended Posts

Official General

To Live And Die In LS


CJ loves coming back to the hood to show off his new rides. These two brand-new, imported from Italy, the yellow Grotti Cheetah and the white Pegassi Infernus are the latest 1994 models and they are high in demand for the rich folk of San Andreas and Las Venturas. But CJ cannot enjoy them too much, they are gonna be taken to San Fierro to be sold for a nice profit !




Late that night, some LSPD officers attempted to apprehend a GSF fugitive and were met with a barrage of gunfire from his homies and left with a burning police car - yep, they lost their lives. 





Some Verona Beach Families gangstas taking time out to relax on Santa Maria beach party while smokin' on some of San Andrea's finest weed and drinkin' 40s. Might bag a bunch of fine sexy beach honeys to bring back to the crib if they are lucky. 



Fear And Loathing In Las Venturas 


CJ in a tricky situation and now sober after a wild night of gamblin', clubbin' bangin' top draw hoes, and gettin' stupidly drunk. After the most amazing threesome with two hot female strippers, having sex with them both for 2 hours, he went on a ride on the Julius Freeway andnext thing he's asleep in his car with his wallet and cash is missing - his parked right in the middle of the freeway. His Benefactor Admiral convertible has also broken down. Not good !




Earlier that night for CJ in Venturas.....




Venturas is really all about that money. Even the women drive the flyest rides on their own ! You gotta wonder what women like her do in Venturas to afford such luxury like this lol 







These LS gangs have also made Las Venturas their home, and brought their beefs with them. An argument between some Families and Ballas gang members erupts with gunfire in a Cluckin' Bell eatery in Creek, North Venturas. 




Beef between the Vagos and the SF Rifa is heating up in Creek, North Venturas. A recent gunfight at the mall area between the two gangs here has left two gang members dead. The Venturas police got there just after it ended and are chasing one of the gunmen that was spotted running away. Certain parts of Venturas are seeing more gun crime, murder and gang violence these days - these parts of the city are much more dangerous now. 


This Vagos gang member had 3 bullets pumped into chest and lower body at close range by a Rifa gang member.




This Rifa gang member had a hole blown through his head with a sawed-off by a Vagos gang member not long after. 



Edited by Official General
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You can go almost anywhere in San Andreas with these things...Hit a 60-degree cliff? Stick it in reverse!




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Well if samp counts here, I got some for ya. 




Just some nice stuff from my screens folder. I was trying to find a reason to post them somewhere for a bit of time, cuz I think they're pretty nice.

Edited by 1xGamer
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Official General

CJ just loves his cars.....and he loves stealing them too. An order for a brand-new Cheetah and a 1987 Phoenix has been requested abroad and CJ was only too happy to oblige. Ready for export on a cargo plane to the Far East. 



CJ standing by his nice new Sentinel ride and looking fresh to death and slick in the 100s on a very warm, humid LS night. The sexy b*tches hangin' around Pershing Square just could not stay away from him !




CJ's weekend trip to Venturas may involve more than gambling this time - he's eyeing up those beautiful, new, sweet-looking rides at the Autobahn dealership, all European and just shipped in. 



Meanwhile, back in the hood in LS, another life is claimed by gunfire. The Families now sell hard drugs themselves, and as such, will not tolerate independent dealers selling drugs on their turf. You wanna be slangin' rocks in LS ? You gotta stay strapped and ready to blast at all times, no ifs and buts - or you will end up like this guy here. 


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