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Classic GTA San Andreas Screenshots


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Rockstar Launcher is down and wont let me play the new editions (even though I have them installed) so I set the classic SA draw distance to 6000 instead.


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GTA SA with DEP. Even without the flawed bells and whistles of the DE version, its still an immersive and impressive game.







Edited by Comrade-1981
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Took the Andromada out for a flight today on PS2.



Edited by Paisan™
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Spent a good amount of a day creating my own "Definitive Edition" of San Andreas. My goal was to combine a lot of "faithful" mods to create an experience which improves the base game without spoiling the general feel of the atmosphere and look of the original game itself. I also chose not to use mods such as "Renderhook" because I wanted the best performance possible at 4K on my machine. 






Mods used:

  • Air Traffic Realism 1.3
  • Bulletholes
  • Cutscene Characters Remastered
  • EnhanceFX
  • GraphicsTweaker
  • GTAVCam
  • Handling V to SA
  • IMFX
  • Improved and Fixed Original Vegetation
  • LOD Vegetation 
  • Mesh Smoothed Pack
  • NextGen Remaster Weapons
  • PedSkills + PedSpec
  • Pre-Lighting Fixes Pack
  • Proper Player + Vegetation + Vehicles Pack
  • Project Props
  • Ragdoll Bullet Physics
  • Real Skybox
  • Real Traffix Fix
  • Real Weapon Sounds Pack
  • Realistic Population
  • Rosa Evolved
  • SAAS
  • Shadows Settings Extender
  • The Birds Update
  • Uncompressed Audio Pack
  • Upgraded Vehicles Pack
  • Vados Ped Pack


The rest of the mods used are things like ModLoader, Open Limit Adjuster and LargeAddress.

Edited by Wheatley
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Rccently jumped into the LV mission strand, forgot how good this game looks almost 20 years later:






On another note, the game is extremely dark at times, anyone know why? Game is clean other than widescreen fix and SilentPatch and brightness setting is default:




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i like that most of the people on this forum mod the game while keeping the vanilla graphics without disturbing the overall flow of the game

Edited by Shade3444
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  • 3 weeks later...







Edited by Shade3444
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Official General












Edited by Official General
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Tony johnson
6 hours ago, Official General said:












Any update on 94 story?

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Official General
7 hours ago, Tony johnson said:

Any update on 94 story?


Yes, soon. These pics will form part of the story along with other pics. 


I only posted this just to show off my ever-improved modded game 😉

Edited by Official General
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