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Blitz'd Skitz

Evil Hobbies You've Created

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Blitz'd Skitz

Whenever I'm bored, I switch SA on and think up some methods of carnage.


Sometimes I spawn about ten tanks and line them up along a section of railway so that a spot of annihilation can ensue. The train always wins, and always does so in style (almost making my PS2 crash). This one does grow old though.


Another trick is to spawn about thirty quads on the Library Tower roof (the Library Tower being the tallest building in LS), gather them all together near the edge at one side, and lay loads of satchel explosives positioned to send them all over that edge (lay some before positioning the quads so that you can get a few underneath them). I recommend that you have some Slipknot playing when you trigger the explosives.


One way to add to the last one is by setting the explosion up, flying down onto a smaller building, triggering, and watching the exploding quads rain down on everything/everyone. Try this with other vehicles too.


There's one ledge on Mount Chiliad on which you can stand, whilst wanted (have about 5 stars for this one), and watch cops and cop cars drop from a great height (some of the cars are moving forwards at about 100mph). The rocket launcher always adds a lot of fun to this. It can be hard to get in a position that will stimulate cops on foot to jump (you usually have to be really near to the cliff for them to jump, and thus, you can't really blow them up when they're falling). The cars are far less picky though. It's hard to describe where this ledge is though (look on the map and find two parallel roads that have sharp, similar-looking corners in them somewhere down the mountainside, fly around that area for a while, and see if you can find it (if you want to)). This one is frustrating at times, I warn. The choppers are pains.


Another one is carried out on the top of Chiliad (the flat bit with the VW on it, not the peak). There's a wooden platform with a little ramp on it. You can run underneath that platform from the top of the mountain. Pre-lay some satchels on the platform (a few metres away from the fence), and get five stars on your ass. Prance about near the road and lure some FBI dudes to the platform, then run underneath the platform. Look up at the platform, and you'll see the FBI dudes' shadows. Choose a good moment and detonate. I got bored of doing this and spawned a load of quads on the platform to add to the scene. It's better to lay satchel explosives on the cliff-face underneath the platform and lure feds onto them. If you can manage to do that without being shot to death or blowing yourself off the mountain, I recommend it.


Does anyone else indulge in such pointless, yet well-planned carnage?


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Yes other people do things like this, in the favourite pastimes topic; no need for another topic on the subject here...

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