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Cartoon Corpse

tips for the first oc loc mission?

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Cartoon Corpse

the first part, you get him out of jail. you end up in a bike race.


i beat this after several tries on ps2, and im wondering (in an idle moment) whether there's an easier way than the frenetic chase shootout


i've tried sniper rifle (just go out of the guys yard and shoot at him while he waits for me and oc loc to come out on our bike). but the bullets had no effect.


i doubt rocket launcher will work based on that, since i usually drop folks in 1 shot with the sniper rifle from extreme distance.


i've tried blocking up the exits the guy could use to get out of his yard, but the cars disappeared after the cutscene.


anyone do anything creative on this one?


i loved figuring out stuff like this on vice city.



anyone notice sloppier handling of vehicles on missions (as opposed to just cruising around between missions)? less traction, responsiveness to steering commands?

Edited by Cartoon Corpse

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I think this mission is designed so he is invulnerable and unstoppable till the end at the basketball courts. There is some glitch however if you kill Og Loc before Freddy leaves the house, you can enter it... something like that. (fails the mission of course)

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Couple of things:


1. If you're having problems with colliding with things and falling off the bike, you can try building up your Bike Skill prior to starting the mission. You are far less likely to fall off.


2. Some people claim it is possible to kill the guy during the chase, but I have not tried it myself.


Personally I think it's easier to just do the chase. It's not that hard. Just don't drive too fast. In most cases I find it's better to drive safely rather than quickly.

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Cartoon Corpse

thanks. i forgot about the skill thing. i need to screw around more like i did on ps2 version before i try the harder missions. im like zero skill on everything so far. that was very different on ps2 when i got to this point.


i killed the guy on ps2 after about 3 tries, but it was 'touch and go'...barely nailed him...lucky...sort of thing.

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find out whattype of bike he gets away on, then go into handling.cfg and edit the weight up to like 100000 , or max out the drag so he cant move, or put the center of gravity like 20 miles above him so he just tips over, or loosen the suspension til the frame is resting on the ground. then walk up and cap him

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Focus on chasing him and don't bother shooting him with the smg that magically appears in your inventory. I once got Freddy's bike to start burning up, but I then realized that the stops he makes are like pit stops and they fix up his car. So just follow him, and don't shoot at him until he stops at that basketball court.

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D Jones
Basically don't waste your time trying to kill him/blow up his bike because it can't happen. I would just stay a distance from him because he can shoot at you. Plus, if you have a good decent amount of health it shouldn't be that hard to kill all the Vago's waiting for you.

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