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Official Realese Date?

GTA Pimpin

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I was at EB Games tonite picking up SAPC. I decided to preorder madden and LCS. I asked the clerk when LCS was coming out and he said for sure it was October 2nd. I am pretty sure this is correct as it sounds right.
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On my recent trip to America, I stocked up on PSP games out there, Looking around they had tickets to pre order GTA and they said it would be the 9th of July, I just cant for the life of me the name of the store, was a huge electronics place...aha, Best Buy? Thats what it said in there anyway, If anyone has a store near by go and check it out.

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  • 2 weeks later...

yes, that may be the case, however Best Buy Canada (obviously, the canadian sector of the company) list releasing GTA:LCS on the 20th july.which sucks, as ill be leaving canada about 5 days earlier with a psp and no gta for the plane on the way back.


bleh, shocking.


Yet, why there are 3 different release dates im not quite sure. Obviously the Canadian psp's being sold are imported from america and use the same system..yet why the different release date?secondly, whats the major difference between the UK version to be imported and the american version of the game?for the different systems yes, but its almost a half-month delay.


crazy if you ask me.

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A long time ago, I think I heard that GTA: LCS is coming out one month after the PSP. I can't wait for it because I don't really like the three PSP game I bought at PSP launch.
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Brown Streak RR

Don't believe them! I'm begging you. Don't believe them. Them are evil! bored.gif


No, seriously, no official release date has been released. Trust me. Amazon, EB Games, they all have different dates. October is expected, but we don't know the exact date, or even the month for that matter. Sorry.

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i thought it was gunna be a release game for the psp in the UK september 1st but probably a rumour


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Brown Streak RR
It might get released on 26th of October/29th of October because the PS2 games were released then.

Possibly. We really don't know though. I would bet it will be a late October release, and it would be awesome if that date was on the 24th. Talk about a great 16th B-Day present. biggrin.gif

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Nobody knows sh*t about sh*t for the release dates. Notice how theres about 20 different posts in this topic saying "I heard the guy at the game store say its released on such and such a date". When an official release date is announced by rockstar, we will know about it, until then we just have to be patient.

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I agree Rockstar won't even know the official release date, they could delay at any time like they did with SA. So we'll just have to wait .
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