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SA Troubleshooting Forum?

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Hello fellas, I searched and got this topic from long ago. So I'm wondering if a forum for troubleshooting will be added under San Andreas now that PC version has been released in (some) of the US? Thanks for reading.

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Isn't all of the PC Chat covered in one forum? This could be covered there too, although this is a good idea, although the new people will forget and just post where ever, and then it'll become cluttered with locked topics. I really think that this suggestion is a good one though. I hope you manage to get it made. smile.gif I'm sure you'll do a fine job of helping people anyway.

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Ha ha! Slow down hoss! I wasn't volunteering, I'd be more hindrance than help with PC....


Anyway there are troubleshooting forums for GTA3 and VC, and hopefully the team will add one for SA, and try to consolidate the topics there.

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Although I'm not 100% sure that there will be a high enough amount of topics about PC troubleshooting to require a seperate forum, I am pretty sure that most people don't want stupid noob questions filling up PC chat. Especially if the questions aren't "PC" problems, as much as they are "SA on PC" problems.


A pinned topic would most likely get too confusing, with people answering old questions and skipping over new ones.


I guess they'll have to decide which they want, boons posting crappy topics in PC chat, a whole forum dedicated to PC troubleshooting, or PC troubleshooting questions filling up "SA PC&Xbox Chat"


I assume that they will decide formally wafter we start to get "the rush." Then they'll have a better idea of how many of these we'll be getting. But yeah, they need to choose where these topics need to be placed in the meantime.


Either way, good luck to Mxyzptlk, Bargaust, Opius, etc. Since you will end up fielding most of those questions.

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Ha ha! Slow down hoss! I wasn't volunteering.

I'd be happy to help in there though, it'd be fun. I'd certainly like to be able to moderate it, but I know that won't happen. happy.gif


There should be one added shortly, as it's not released everywhere yet, it comes over here in a couple of days. Maybe that's what will be made when it's fully released. smile.gif

Edited by Luke2004

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