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Weird heli glitch

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I've never heard of this on the forums or anywhere else before, so if it's old, apologies.


Start a shootout at the boardwalk at the Pirates In Men's Pants hotel, at the end of the boardwalk on the other side of the entrance to the hotel suite. Get three or more stars and helicopters should start coming. Shoot down one helicopter such that it lands in the water. Then, shoot down another helicopter, such that this second helicopter lands on LAND, but is close enough to the first helicopter to move it a bit. Now the first helicopter should act weird. Helicopters that are shot down but land in the water don't have the "blown up" appearance, but they're inactive... except for this one. The rotor keeps starting to spin, but stops after a few seconds, then it blows up twice, then a few seconds later, a third big explosion occurs. Then after a few seconds, the rotor will start spinning again, then stop, then it'll blow up again... and again, and again. It never stops. It kept blowing up for more than five minutes while I was having the shootout. I tried this THRICE. I'm not really sure if these are the exact conditions, but just keep shooting down helicopters at the PIMP hotel and soon one of the helis will get glitched.

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I think the second helicopter pushed the first under the game ground... I've had a few "neverending exploding choppers" too, because they spawn underground, or inside a parking garage...

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So the helis in the impound act this way too?

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So the helis in the impound act this way too?

Well if a police or news heli spawns when you have stars, and it happens to start in impound it's possible yeah. I first noticed it when a police maverick appeared inside the top floor of the parking garage behind Michelle's garage, when I had a 5 star rampage happening.

I heard a bunch of explosions but no source so I flew up with the jetpack and the rotors spinning and exploding in the top of the building.

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I wonder when would GTA:SA stop surprising and spooking us wow.gif

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This is not a new glitch. I have had this happening to me a couple of times, pretty cool I must say, but it is not that big of a deal.

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