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Home How to make Great Home Invasions

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Hey all, here is the way that I have found to make tons of cash on home invasions.

First find two housed that are right next to one another. Preferably with out People awake in them. Next park your truck imbetween the two houses. Then alternate entering the houses. When you alternate inbetween the two houses the objects with in the house you were just in will respawn. If you do it this way you can easialy make $10,000 a Night.


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I know of someone who made $46,080. Not sure on what 2 houses he picked though.


Any ideas what is the best location?

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Any ideas what is the best location?

Read the search results, we really don't need a new thread for every conversation about robberies. confused.gif

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I once wrot a tutorial for these missions... here are a few of the tips in it...


Rob the flats near teh Low Rider mod garage as theere are two close to each other that you can sit the van between...

Use a silenced pistol to shoot a person in the head then you can move around as you wish...

Press the crouch button (even though he appears to be doign this already) and you will then be able to move forward faster withough making noise...

once you pick up an item, dont worry about noise leve... jsu trun for the door as you have 10sec to make it, and once you are out you may enter again and the person will be back asleep...


I may post my guide some time... ill need to toutch up some things though...

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Mxy, that "wanted' ad on your sig is hands-down the funniest thing I have EVER seen a message board. I totally dig your sense of humor, guy. biggrin.gif

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sometimes when you shoot the owner of the house the things you can steal will respawn every time you enter the house so you don\t have to run to another house.

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OK that does it, Mxyzptlk has already posted the search results where several of these topics exist and this topic should've been locked, I reported it twice. Instead it keeps getting bumped to the top instead of people posting in the original topics they're meant to be in.


So Mods, Admins, etc - get yer bloody finger out! angry.gif

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