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Gta is a very glitchy game. :\

Today i just did the 100 tags and saved and grabbed the weapons i unlocked and then went for a drive and started killing people to get stars. First i got in a car with tech 9 in hand and the weapon switched to the motalotov's for the drive bys, i got out and got back in and it fixied it self so i didn't bother with it again. I then was driving with my 5 stars and the police helicopter shot up my car so it cuaght on fire , I hit Triangle to get out and cj doesn't get out and the car explodes blink.gif 2 seconds later cj gets out in without any health lost and i couldn't change my weapons from the tech 9's until i died. Also my game dislikes hieghts, mostly everytime i parachute something goes wrong, either cj doesn't open the parachute or the parachute opens and cj acts like its open andthen he slams into the ground. And after i go splat on the ground when i respawn in the hospital i go splat again so i die twice... Anyone experience any of these? I dont cheat btw.


Also anyone know how to fix the basket ball not spawning at any of the courts.

Edited by spike88
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Very strange... Sometimes things just f*ck up. When I play the 2-player runaround with my sister, sometimes she gets 'locked' in the cars, sometimes the weapons won't change. It's just another one of those things.


And I think EVERYONE at some point has experienced the parachute problem. I have. I mostly basejump above water now, so if anything goes wrong, CJ won't be killed. I'm not a confident parachutist biggrin.gif

And also the dying outside the hospital malarky; again, I have as well. You're right, it's a very glitchy game.


As for the basketballs, if you saved at Madd Dogg's Mansion, you will have acquired this glitch. There is no way to undo this glitch, to my knowledge.

Edited by The_Dancing_Cat
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