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/me needs a SYSTEM.DRV


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I just got a new PC (second hand) with this 60G hard drive that is fully supported by the computer and Windows XP, so if something f*cks up, I can just do a system restore and it'll reformat for me and install XP again (no cds needed). So anyway, I just did that because the guy that used it last had crap on it.


And I just tried to install VB6 and VC++ and I get this error.


user posted image


All the other thing's that I've installed worked fine though...


So, where can I get myself one of these 'system.drv'?


Another site suggested that I do Start/Run/type "sfc /scannow" so that it scan/repairs/replaces system files, but it didn't work.


Wtf, my PC doesn't even have a C:\windows\system32 directory! Is this bad?


Edited by timmy2004
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It's missing system32? Unless windows is installed in another directory (which is possible but unlikely for XP), that is a very big problem.

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Looks like you've wasted your money. tounge.gif .


On a serious note, are you sure that it's not hidden? - Luke.

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Yeah, I enabled it to view hidden files... but no system32. sad.gif


Oh well, it was free anyway (birthday present). Maybe I'll just put a real copy of XP on instead of the system restore XP version.


I also keep getting random 'screen-blackenings' where every few hours my PC screen will go black and I can't even restart! I have to unplug the replug! And it's not the monitor turning off or anything because I hear no sound when it happens!

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