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Gang Terriroty Mod

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I've come up with a new idea for a mod for GTA3. I enjoy the gang war feature from san andreas and i would like to see if this same type of feature can be used in this game aswell. In SA you simply approach 3 or 4 rival gang members and shoot them and the war begins. If you succed in killing all the gang members, the territory belongs to you and your gang.


I'm use the change skin cheat to play as a purple nines gangster and i think it would be cool if i could take over other gang territories and spawn purple nines on their terf after i've killed them all. Is is possible to make a mod like this for gta3?


If this is in the wrong section, than feel free to move it.

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This is the right section, but if you are first starting mission coding I suggest you do something much simpler. Look in the pinned tutorial topic for help.

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Well, im not planning on making any mods myself, i was seeing if anyone else would be interested in this. If this mod idea is too complicated, than i have a suggestion for another one.


Is it possible to move gangs to other locations? Would it be possible to spawn diablo members in staunton island and shoreside vale? is it possible to put yardies in portand? I basiacally want to place gangs in different areas.

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If you're not planning on making the mod yourself, this is the wrong forum.

In that case you should have placed it in the Recruits and requests forum.

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well can a mod move this thread into that section?

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