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Introducing GTAGarage


Recommended Posts

If anyone's interested, we've just opened a new mod site called GTAGarage?. It basically behaves like the showroom forums (and you can use your GTAF account), only you can also upload files and screens there, with a few other features thrown in to play with. All mods posted there get their own discussion/topic thingy (with multiple topics for larger mods), and the whole thing is laid out pretty much like a forum. So, in theory, it could replace the showroom forums altogether, or not, depending on what everyone thinks of it. If you like the idea, you could just post and use the system in place of a standard topic. Or if not, you could stick the mod there, and have the disussion here.


As of now, each mod must be approved by an admin/mod-ish type person before it shows up on the site, to avoid rips and such. But rather soon we'll have varrying permission levels set up so reputable modders can post straight away.


Any questions/ideas/feedback are welcome.

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I love the concept of the idea, and the current layout looks great. I think the site will be great when the SA modders start to flourish.
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I Love Anna Kournikova

Great Idea.


I have known that the Modding secction of GTAForums has been here, but I have been in there like, once.


Looks great too! smile.gif

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Hey, the layout is neat (with the little "garage" concept to it).

Nice job guys, and Fred did a swell job with the programming as well.

How long did this all take?

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Well will we be able to get a skin for GTAF that looks similar or the same as The Garage's?


I love the idea and the useability of the place, but I love the skin even more inlove.gif

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Suction Testicle Man

Approve my mods already. tounge.gif Excellent job, I love it.



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It's an awesome concept, I hope it goes well. Looking great so far. Makes me wish I had some sort of talent when it comes to modding. tounge.gif

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Great idea.


This will make mods a lot easier to find also.


Maybe I should start making Vice CIty skins again...

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Regarding: Vehicle Preview for Sarin XTV

  • Description text would be more readable if it was let-aligned, since it will sometimes be quite long.
  • The title for the mod could be in a styled <h2> element to make it stand out visually and so search engines would give the page a higher ranking when people search for the name of that car.
  • Maybe a more elegant screenshots system is in order? For example, show one screenshot on the page (there is plenty of vertical height) and have Next/Previous buttons to cycle through the series of images?
  • I don't think that the full version of the image should load in a new window. It's easier to find the Back than close a new window and for people who use maximised browsers it's a bit disorienting when the Back button doesn't work in the current window because the window they were using has been hidden.
  • There doesn't seem to be any navigation in the sidebar atm?
  • The flexibility of the layout is excellent, it resizes in all directions and still appears fine. smile.gif
  • The ability to add more details about what is included might be good. For example, a cell for "New collision model: Yes/No" and "New handling setup: Yes/No" might be useful since some authors won't bother putting those details in the description.
  • Perhaps a link to the readme.txt file would be helpful, like G! map downloads has?
  • Instead of having "Download (1 file)" you could just make it a unordered list if there is more than one file to download?
The dark blue/grey colour doesn't seem to match wtih the red, brown, grey, teal, silver and black used elsewhere? I think there are simply too many colours going on due to the heavily textured design. In the Vehicles Category page there are pale blues, yellow stars, pink icons, tiny grey icons with bits of green...it looks really inconsistant and muddled up. Obviously it's still in progress, so is the visual theme something which is going to be developed?


I think those little vehicle type indicates don't really serve much purpose since they are too small and the imagery used in them don't really match their descriptions, imho. Technical and visual stuff aside, the concept really hits the nail on the head, with many of the ideas seeming a little familiar. smile.gif


(EDIT) The development if GTAGarage has been going for years; I was on one of the early teams that were figuring out the basic concepts it would follow and the architecture it would use.

Edited by Cerbera
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It sure looks good and it's a quick system. Props to fred.


Also, I would find it a good idea to get Picture Previews of the Mods in it. Apart from that, it looks good.

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All I get is:



Invalid query: DELETE FROM garage_sessions WHERE S_ID = 'cf01aa7b9bfe2dddab97394952f5159c'Can't find file: '.\gfs\garage_sessions.frm' (errno: 24)


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You both, Illspirit and fred, did a great job with the gtagarage page.


The design looks good, but I'm more used to the gtaforums blue. Concerning the system, I allready told Steve some things that could be changed, and Cerbera also mentioned some of them, other than that it is really complex but easy to use. smile.gif

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Works fine for me in both IE and FF. The navigation bar should be back up now, it was just a small temporary problem.


@ Cerbera, the design is not final and small adjustments will be made in future to further enhance certain areas of the design.

  • I personally do not feel any extra information is necessary such as additional .col files, handling lines etc. it's really not all that important and does'nt really make a break whether one will download the modification or not I feel. Most vehicles do come with a handling line, most come without a .col file. It would be largely overlooked by people visiting to download mods, I think it would be a little unnecessary.
  • Having readme's available would not really be necessary also I feel, information in the readme is generally discusses how the modification should be installed. You need to have the files for the modification to be installed hence why I don't feel having an online readme would be necessary. There is a section for the description of the mod which is generally where one would read and choose whether to or not to download the mod. So you would not gain anything if the readme was online also.
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It's great... Really you can resume this to that... It's an awesome concept and besides gtaforums have tones of great mods who need a good central space... and this does it... wink.gif well done
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I agree with Cerb on most points, except for the image opening in a new window bit. I've always preferred having images open in a seperate window.
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I must say

Snow Racer says well done!

teh desing is smarty but kinda boring...

I agree with kevin that blue-ish skin will be better

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great job guys. Only one thing bothers me, can all vice city mods work on gta3? And let's get started working on the gtaf skin because that skin rules.
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It's working fine for me using Firefox.


On a side note/just a reminder... A link on the sidebar here, under network?



Great job guys, great job.

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Been waiting a while for this.. I like it.


But I can't log in with my username. I get:


The account details you entered were incorrect.

..when I know I'm entering the correct details. bored.gif

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