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.dff file extension trouble

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hey guys, first time here. came looking to see if anyone had the probs as me w/ dff files... i've been playing around with modding gta3 and just starting modding VC. somewhere along the line my dff files decided they were txt files. probably something i did, but i don't remember doing anything stupid to them in the process of opening/renaming etc in the process of inserting cars into the game. the icon changed and right clicking on the file only gave the same options as when right clicking to edit a text file. the .dff extensions on ALL of them disappeared. they opened as a text file with what i think was the graphics info displayed as code. so renaming the file to _____.dff gives me all the proper options when right clicking, i can change the attributes and such, but trying to install the mod doesn't work. nothing recognizes the file as a dff anymore. i tried changing the "open with" attibute, it just changes the icon, none of the mod installer/manager can find them. since they originally got screwed up, the last few cars i've installed manually have come out looking really screwy, so i suspect thats related to that problem in some way. any ideas? its something glaringly obvious isn't it? ... blush.gif


*also forgot to ad... i've inserted cars into GTA3 since this happenend using scripted installers and they work fine, but manually it doesn't work, the correct shape is there, but the colors/patterns/wheels&tires are all screwed up. putting cars into vice city using VCMM makes my game crash. i can put a few comon cars in, play for a couple minutes, and probably about the time a new car should come into game, it freezes and crashes. could be related? do vcm files contain dff and txd files?


*winxp P4 512ram

Edited by mengleff

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With GTA3 you could try putting your .txd files in the txd.img instead of gta3.img.

It seems like you have changed it so that Windows recognises .dff file extension and uses notepad as the default editor. This shouldn't make a difference, don't rename them or change them, just use and img tool to put them into gta3.img as they are and it should work. If in My Computer you goto Tools | Folder Options | View then uncheck the 'Hide extensions for known file types' you should see the files as .dff.

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