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front wheel drive

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does any body know what cars are front wheel drive besides the jester, blista compact, and the forklift. Also how much of a diffrence does it make?

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it makes a lot of difference. The power tranfered to front wheel drive cars can make steering less predictable, but they handle better in lower speed turns, they can turn sharper with less braking and less traction loss in the rear tires.

Rear drive cars can turn more predictably, but if too much power is given in a turn, the back end can whip out in front of you, which can be fixed with a tap of the e-brake and a turn in the direction the back end is swing to. These can be drifted too (driving the car through turns at high speeds will sliding at angles from 15-45 degrees sideways), easier than front wheel drive.

Then theres AWD (all-wheel drive)cars. These have the best off-road handling because all wheels are being power, giving more chance of power being transfered to the ground.


But then there are factors of if the car's engine is placed in the rear, middle, or front of the car. That effects the vehicles center of gravity, and handling at various speeds. A front engine/rear drive car (banshee) is good for exceleration and moderate handling at high speeds (more of a tendency for traction loss), while a mid engine/4 wheel drive car (infernus) has moderate exceleration but good high speed handling, because it's easier to get your traction under control. Then front engine/ front drive cars.... well i'd say they aren't really good in any aspect, maybe just too easy and boring too drive... in my opinion. No fun.


The front wheel drive cars i can think of are:


blista compact








Rear Drive:


Super GT

















AWD Cars:







I hoped this helped.

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The Hermes is also front wheel drive, though with it being a 30's-40's style car, you'd think it should be rear wheel drive. In fact, there are a lot of vehicles that you think should be rear wheel drive instead of front wheel drive confused.gif

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SimonCampbells topic on vehicle stats tells you the drive of all the vehicles.

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