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Two Glitches

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I was playing the game the other day, and I got killed by a police officer, and then when the screen was supposed to turn back to the hospital, I automatically died again! wow.gif I never had that happen or heard anything of that happening.


Also, I went to the Ammu-Nation in San Fierro near Wheel Arch Angels, and when I walked in on the red marker to buy a wepaon, the game just stopped and froze. I was really mad because I progressed a lot through the game that day and i would've been mad if that erased, thankfully it didn't. sigh.gif


Has anyone else had these glitches? I never heard of them happening. Sorry if this was posted somewhere else. sigh.gif



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Every once and awhile I die in front of the hospital too, it's no big deal. I don't think I've read about it at GTAF before though.


The Ammu-nation glitch seems to be fairly common, it gets mentioned regularly.

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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I don't think i've had either of them glitches happen to me before weird notify.gif . Good find's though.

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That one were u die outside the hostipal happened to me once. And the Ammu-Nation one is just stupid. It sumtimes happens at other red markers but it usualy happens if ur PS2 have been left on fo a while or its been playin up. But i reckon if this GTAForums had a frog smilie these glitches would happen in the first place. Til then ill just use alien.gif

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I had the freezing up glitch happen to me again, only this time I was playing the $1,000,000 table at the Roulette wheel at Caligulia's Casino. I put a chip on all the numbers and it froze up on me again. I play about once every two days, and my PS2 is three years old, so I don't think that could be the problem.

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I've had that dying in front of the hospital fandango. The Ammunation thing, haven't had.

It sort of annoys me with all these glitches; you would hope a beta tester would have played it through and removed them. But hey ho, you can't ask for much more.

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