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GTA PSP Will Have Multiplayer

ProXimity WarNing

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ProXimity WarNing

However, I found this in the section entitled "The Rumor Mill" by the guy sounded very firm with what he said, almost as if it was a fact. I copied it down and at first he was talking about how no info was getting leaked and it lead on to this:



But alas, here I come finally bearing some specifics on this anticipated project. The game will include a multiplayer mode that, thanks to PSP's Wi-fi  feature, will allow you and a couple of your friends to enter the same city(Liberty City) and either work together to cause law-breaking mayhem or battle it out for control of Liberty City.


That is what it said word for word. If this is true, I am very much anticipated this game. This made me want it even more and I have to now save up for a PSP. Thoughts?



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Yes, nothing more than rumors right now. If they turn out to be right, people will say "looks like EGM was right on this one" and if they are wrong, no one will say anything. It's a win-win situation for their "rumor mill."

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I don't see a single reason for R* not to do this, though. It would be very simple and it just makes sense.


The main reason why such feature isn't on PS2 is that:

1) Not a lot of people have PS2s connected to i-net.

2) This would require a server to locate people to play with/against.

3) If the server is not used, direct IP connection would be required, reducing the number of people who can use it even further. Do you know your PS2's IP?


However, with PSP, all these limitations disapear if the Ad Hoc connection is used. No need for server, no need to know your opponent's IP, and every unit is equiped with the Wi-Fi. All you have to do is get within 100 feet of another person with PSP and LCS, and you can play.


There are practically no tech limitations. In fact, I could come up with only one problem for MP free roaming. If two players start from opposite sides of the town and then move together, the system needs to make sure that both players have the same vehicle and pedastrian models and textures loaded when they meet and spawn only these types of vehicles. Solution: Make sure that both units allways have the same models loaded. Half of the vehicles will belong to the area where the first player is, and the other half to the area where the second player is. If more vehicles are needed, and if the distance between players is great, the system can allow some different vehicles to be loaded, but as the distance between players decreases, the number of vehicles not in common must decrease. Finaly, even if all this fails, the worst case scenario is that some vehicles on the street will just disapear. Yes, weird. But not more so than the invisible trees, so it is all good.


One must also consider how much time will the R* coders have to spend with this to make it work, and if it is worth it. So what needs to be done?

1) Put in the code for Wif-Fi support. That should mostly consist of linking in some SDK libraries, setting up the right parameters, and writing up menus for players to use for configing.

2) Use Wi-Fi to sinchronise loading of vehicle models. Should be fairly easy. The code to descide which vehicles need to be loaded allready exists. Basically, all that needs to be moddified is that when in MP mode, each PSP thinks that it can load only half of the maximum number of models. When one PSP loads a model from the half that it is responsible for, it has to give a message to other PSP along the lines of: "Hey, I'm droping the model number xx and replacing it with such and such model." The other PSP needs to be able to receive that message and replace the corresponding model in the half that it is not responsible for.

3) Make sure that both player characters can co-exist. If the player character is created as a subclass of the same class as the NPCs, as I'm sure it is, this shouldn't be a problem. Again, it just comes down to one PSP telling the other when the player character moves, fires, etc.

4) Make sure that both systems work in sync. This will depend a lot on wether the server-client system will be implemented. If it is, then all physics simulations will happen on one PSP, the problem is that a PSP might not have enough processing power to run physics for everyone. In this case, the system where the "server" collects only the key punches, and sends them to all "clients", similar to how original Doom multiplayer worked, is a lot better. How far the physics simulation advances will depend on the number of these key press packets received, so everyone will be advanced by the same ammount. The main problem with this system is lag propagation, that is, if one player lags, everyone lags, but I do not see this becoming an issue with Ad Hoc Wi-Fi.


So the point is, the coding part is fairly straight forward. There is nothing new to invent, and not a whole lot of code to be re-written for MP to work. So we have a potential feature that:

1) A lot of people would like to have, and will probably affect buying descision for quite a few of these people.

2) Very easy to use.

3) Fairly easy to code.


With this kind of cost/benefit ration, R* would be crazy not to implement multiplayer in Liberty City Stories.

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yo i hope that it has multiplayer... I got my psp the day it came out and i reserved GTA:LCS last week...I CANT WAIT!! y is R* keepin all this sh*t so secret....i mean its not like were never suspose to play the game...where all gonna play it eventully right? so OUT with the details R*!!!!!!!! die.gifrahkstar2.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wonder if they have multiplayer and:

1. Who will change their outfit.

2. If you need more than one disc.

3. If you turn on Wi Fi and then your are automatically with player 2.

4. What island will you have to on.

5. How far apart you can be before you might end the game.

i hope you can be in different vehicles at once, but that probably means two discs

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