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.:Laptop Video Card Issues:.


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Alright, I have a Compaq Presario 700 series laptop (S3 Graphics Twister K Compaq video card) and I decided to hook it up to my TV to get a bigger picture to watch a movie. I thought it would be easy seeing as the laptop already has an S-video port in the rear, so I hooked it up thru an RF modulator, because my TV only has the cable hookup. All went well until I turned on the TV and switched the video card output from LCD to TV, it switched fine, but it seems that there is no color! It almost looks like the color is flipping in and out very slightly, very hard to see, and I have messed with the settings on the TV and turned the color all the way up, still no luck!


I'd really appriciate it if someone could help me out within the next few hours...


PS: It's probably irrelevant but the color works fine on the laptop when using external monitor and fine on it's regular LCD setting.....


Compaq Presario 700 series

1.20 Ghz AMD Athlon Processor

240MB Ram

S3 Graphics Twister K

Windows XP


Thanks in Advance



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I've never done this before but I'm guessing when you go into the properties to see the display settings it'll be there if not completly ignore this post, your tv may be there and change the colour settings, usually 256 colours are smooth. - Luke.
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Might be something wrong with the cables, or possibly your TV. Try it on another TV, or try it with different cables if possible. If that fails, you could update your drivers. If all those don't work, well... I've got no idea.
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It's probably just the cable or a connection somewhere. Two of s-video's 4 pins carry B&W, and the other 2 add colour to it. Break one of the colour connections and you've got black and white.

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