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wireless g or speed booster?


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My parents are gonna get comcast cable internet soon and I'd like to set up a home network with the desktop and my laptop, what materials do I need to do this? I'm guessing they'll only install one ethernet outlet in the house, so I'll need wireless or run a cord under the crawl space or attic. Should I go with g? or speedbooster? or the new really expensive g mxs or whatever it's called?

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The only thing you'll need after you get the modem is a wireless router. I would reccomend getting a netgear router.


I currently have a linksys router and I am really dissapointed. The signal suddenly dissapears without any disturbances and it doesnt like my modem, I have to reset them both at least once a week because I lose internet to all my computers. Also the tech support is by far the worst. I had to call them at least 5 times before they acually helped me, and it was from someone that acually knew how to speak english!


On the other hand, my neighbor has a netgear with the same modem as me, and has never had any problems at all, and his signal never dissapears.


Anyway a G router should be sufficiant, it covers alot of distance, and Im sure you wont carry around your notebook all over the place. Set up the router next to ur Pc, that way u can connect it to your LAN card instead of having to buy a wireless card for it. If your laptop is fairly recent there should be a built-in wireless card, if not buy a laptop G adapter.


Also, 1st thing you want to do after setting everything up is to change your router user/pass from its defaults, and adding WAP to your signal. Dont want anyone stealing it. wink.gif

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I have the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband router, man it randomly shuts off, doesn't connect often, setting it up is the biggest pain, and the speed is slow. I wouldn't get a linksys router, stick with a netgear or D-link. Edited by Demarn
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For better security run ethernet cable to where ever you need it to go. Plus if you plan to share files within the LAN the speeds will be a lot faster that WiFi.


802.11G is faster than 802.11B but the range is more limited as well. But WiFi brings with it the constant worry of security. Whatever router brand you get make sure it can do WPA encryption because the old standard WEP is basicly worthless as it can be cracked in 5-10mins.


You would need to explain exactly what "sppedbooster" you're talking about. I've seen many over the years and most just tweak you registry settings which you can do yourself for free with broadbandreports.com help (and mine if need be). Others will pre-cache the html pages that are linked to the page you're currently on, which with cable/dsl connections this isn't worth the time IMO.

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I have set up a wireless network in my house... all you need to get is a modem with a built in router, and a wireless PCI\PC card for your computers... I would recomend going with Belkin... check out http://www.ebuyer.co.uk (or .com if you are in us) as they have a great range of wireless networking hardware
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I have a D-Link Wireless G router with speed boost and I have had absolutly no problems with it. I used to have Linksys, and like others in this topic, the probelms with linksys are numerous with connectivity and such. As long as you have some firewall of sorts you should be fine. Local networks can be a pain in the ass if you have one setting that is wrong, so just make it as simple as possible. The router should come with its own firewall, and you can use Windows firewall for starts. SP2 gives more features to Windows firewalls. Just dont rely fully on the firewall for security though.

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I'd reccomend avoiding speed-booster. They use proprietary chipsets most of the time and compatibility issues are numerous. Just get a wireless-G router, since N is not ready yet.


I reccomend getting a Linksys WRT54G. They open source their firmware, and just quite honestly, have the best networking products, in part from being owned by Cisco. I had a netgear router that just dropped connections, and my neighbors D-Link fried itself one day to be replaced by a WRT. The WRT54G works flawlessly for me with Wireless cards using ever imaginable different chipset between B and G, gives me well over 200ft range with all of them, always is on and working fine, and I've never had issues with it. I highly reccomend it.

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I have comcast cable,


depending on how many

people are on the internet

in your neighborhood is

how fast it will be.


For me It go goes from

around 1.0Mbps when its

extremely busy to 4.0Mbps+

when its not.

(fastest it ever was for

me was 7.2Mbps at 3:00 Am

will I was doing some

speed tests >>

www.toast.net/performance )


#1 Suggestion:

Buy your own Modem

comcast likes to

rip off people

for there rental fees.


I use a Netgear Router/Wireless-G gateway

(Netgear ProSafe FWG114P) for my home network,

If you want a good connection to your computer

use hard wired ethernet,my parents use Wireless

for there computer & its a pain in the @$$ for

them, cuts out all the time and slow. its probably

there crappy 800mhz celeron versus my 3.4Gig P4.


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