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[MySQL] Linear Primary Keys


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Not a very helpful title, so i'll just explain.


Most content intensive websites I develop, rely use MySQL tables with a standard ID for the primary key.

I've came across a problem with this a few times before, but recently I found it in a table for Bentley Bear:




The problem comes in the admin panel: When the owner deletes a record, the ID of that deleted record then becomes depreciated. I need the column ID to be linear (1, 2, 3, etc), with no number jumps.


Is there a way this can be accomplished?

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But it will be a real tough one to beat.


I'd suggest you do some PHP coding on it. A PHP code that moves the table rows around and set the ids in a linar function, deletes the old ones, inserts the new ones and such, and changes the AUTO_INCREMENT value ( which sets what the next id value is ).


That will be more of a debug thing. But I think I can write it.


It would be something like;



$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $table");if (@mysql_num_rows($query)) { $ttable = array(array()); $i = 1; while ($result = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {   $ttable[$i][gallery] = $result['gallery'];   //then you insert all the other fields...   $max = $i;   $i++; } mysql_query("DELETE * FROM $table"); for ($i = 1; $i <= $max; $i++) {   mysql_query("INSERT INTO $table SET id = $i, gallery = '{$ttable[ $i ]['gallery']}', ..."); }//And here the query that sets the AUTO_INCREMENT to $max}



Should fix it. I might have made some errors and such, but I haven't tested it. But it looks to work. Could be made a function.

Edited by Svip
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Not that I know of. Why do you need it to be linear?

Perhaps he needs them to be listed or something.


I don't know, I don't think them being linear should help you much.


As I showed I can pick them all up in order, without them being linear.

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If I understand your problem correctly, you could drop and re-add the id column which would reset the ids.





ALTER TABLE `photos` DROP `id`;



To drop the column and then:






To add the column back at the beginning of the table and the id values will all be reset.

Edited by andibomb
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That's a good idea Svip, I may end up using something along those lines. I'd prefer it to be a more 'on the fly' method though (that one would need to rebuild the table every time a record is deleted confused.gif ).


I need it so the navigation between items on the website would work smoothly.

For that, I could build a little class that just checks if the specific record is actually there... but it would still be good if I could make the ID linear, for future projects.



Andy, it worked... genius!



Edited by Johnno
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That won't work very well if you're joining tables though, or referencing the IDs in any other table/field. And it's overkill. You shouldn't need to do that. Are you doing it to save on a database query or something? I mean, you could do something like:


SELECT id, gallery, title, description FROM photos WHERE id > [CurrentID] ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 0, 1


Which is cleaner. Does require a query but is a lot more efficient, and means that links to specific [photos] will always be valid, and will be a lot less database intensive if there's 00's of records.



Or, for the photo before:


SELECT id, gallery, title, description FROM photos WHERE id < [CurrentID] ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 0, 1



For either, if no results are returned, you know you're on the last/first photo.[/edit]

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