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Jack Lupino


I think this is the video you're talking about.

At 0:23-0:25 there's something like dog but I think its just an illusion.

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Knowing how much beta content was in GTA SA and how it was found, it would make no sense to show dogs in the trailer and then remove every trace of it from the game.


If they were meant to be in the game, people would have found traces of coding for dogs as there would be a lot of coding for the dogs (the coding for their barks, their walking pattern which will be far different from regular NPC movements as they are animals, the different actions they will perform like attacking and sitting and last but not least, the quotes which CJ will say when is near a dog or being attacked by one.)


Another reason is ,like said over 12 years ago on this thread, many animal activists will get upset as it is certain that if dogs were included in the game, you will be able to shoot them.


Also also, if R* made special animal coding for dogs, then it would make no sense if they used that animal coding for dogs only and not other animals like birds.

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I remember that time I was listening Radio-X, concretely Been caught stealing song of Jane's addiction. I heard a dog barking and I thought it was actually a dog in the game, but nope, it was the damn song... That's the closest to a dog in the game, apart from Bitch'n'Dog food.

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There is already a dog in San Andreas.




Btw the "dog" in the tralier is actually the ped bmydj resting. There's no dogs in game.

Edited by CoolMods

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lil weasel

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


The first idea of Dogs has started even before the game's and YouTube's release. A large E-Mail fad showed a strange figure behind a man in the game's official trailer, however, after the game was released, players went to Santa Maria Beach and discovered the "black object" was in fact a chair.


The 1990 song "Been Caught Stealing" by the band Jane's Addiction can be heard on the in-game radio station, Radio X. Near the beginning of the song, dogs can be heard barking, and many players have mistaken the barking sounds for actual dogs in the game.

from: http://gta-myths.wikia.com/wiki/Dogs Edited by lil weasel

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