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Gang-Tag Glitch Confirmed

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Scenario: You've gone through all of the tags (several times in my case), being absolutely careful with your checklist and seem to have all of the tags, but only 99/100 in your stats. Suddenly you remember that time you were spraying a tag and ran out of paint...having 99/100 you conclude that there must be ONE and ONLY ONE incomplete tag out there. Again you search, attempting to "lock-on" to every tag, and finally it happens. Wiping the mixture of sweat and tears from your face, you smile for the first time in hours (or days), and spray the last tag. The color fills in, you hear the sound-effect indicating a completed tag and then...nothing. No "Tag Spraying Complete" message, no groovy music; you desperately check your stats and still see that dreaded 99. You needed ONE tag, you found it, and nothing happened. You ponder the possibility that you could have 99 tags, but need to spray MORE THAN ONE, but it just doesn't seem plausible, and there's no damn way you're going to go through them ALL again, when it seems most likely that the game just screwed up (as it is known to do).

I've got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that you do have to go through every one again. The good news is that you will certainly find a second (or possibly more, in my case there were only 2) incomplete tag, and you will get rewarded with a completion.

In short, you CAN have 99/100 and need to find MORE THAN ONE unfinished tag. Rockstar has shattered another paradigm: In GTA:SA, 1 CAN equal 2.

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well i have never had this glitch at all when i start to run low on spray paint in just go and grab another one of the top of the pawn shop and continue..

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When me and a mate were playing on his one time we went through all the tags. Everytime we were half way through one and ran out of paint we got more and went back to it to finish it off. We finally got 100 and there was no problem. I suggest that people go finish the one they are on and not to mark it off until you hear and see the message. Thats what I did and it worked for me.

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Yeah, well, some of us just aren't that smart. wink.gif

Good advice for someone who hasn't dug themself as deep as I did, though.

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Rockstar has shattered another paradigm: In GTA:SA, 1 CAN equal 2.

In San Andreas, many paradigms are shattered indeed. I guess it's bound to happen to a game as enormous as GTA:SA. Tho somehow, it's what adds flavor too to the experience in playing this game smile.gif


Good work solo55 rah.gif

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Does this process works too in the Classic Xbox version?

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That's some topic resurrection, but yes. In all versions of the game, it is possible to partly spray any and all of the tags. Sometimes you'll be able to complete the tag just before the texture fully changes. This was notably seen in Joshimuz's True 100% series for SA in which he documents all the given tags. You'll notice the little alert will ping as the paint is still faint. However, as I said, the opposite can be true - I've done it myself where I'll paint what I think is sufficient but I'll catch myself and return to spray a little more. To reduce the risk of missing one, there's two tips:


1. Always stay stocked up on spray paint. If for whatever reason you do have to stop halfway through a tag, commit it to memory and return to the very same one after grabbing more. It's so easy to get sidetracked and if you're not familiar with the tags, it can be nightmare to backtrack.

2. Always wait for the message to flash before moving on, even if you think you've done enough. To be safe, paint it until you can spray no more.


Anyway, I'm closing the book on this.

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