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Hello everybody.



My name is JP

Ive been away for a very long time but now im back.


People who know me from the vicecity celshaded mod ( yep i did't finished it yet )

know that this isn't like real celshading, but a texture mod to add the cartoonstyle look in the game.


About 1 year ago i looked at many forums and people where asking for CARTOON MODS.

well i knew that real celshading was'nt possible for gta and i don't know much about 3d modding. But what i saw was that people where trying to create textures and skins.


When i saw that i thought by myself, I CAN DO THAT MUCH BETTER.

and i tried it, and really it was pretty hard to do it myself and i thought this is never gonna work.


I made like thousends of tommy skins and i finally choose a few of them.

Then i started to make textures for the envirement because i wanted to see if the game looked better if it was all cartoonstyle.

I started with the Sabre turbo car. and i was really angry at that moment because i could,nt use photoshop because i had some errors.

So i did it with the simplest program there ever was PAINT !!!! and created a texture in 10 minutes. I posted a screen of that and a few guys said WHO.

ANd then there where that many updates of my pics ( yes there where very much )


Later i made did that same thing for manhunts first level, someone of the forums tried it out and he said he liked it.

Now an half year later i decided to do it over and because i now now what i have to do to create beutifull textures.

What i do now is make them in photoshop, ad filmgrain to it, sharpen them cutout. ( only for in between the black lines ) sometimes poster edges if it is an simple texture, mostly ill draw the black lines myselve.

And what i discovered now to make it more cartoonstyle looking is ad the glowing effect on them.


THIS IS MANHUNT, NOT GTA but i show this because i want to geve you an idea

of how it looks in san andreas.

And friends of me who played the vice city version ad my home, said that the game looks and feels so much nicer.


But when san andreas arrives i need some people who can create background textures, like grass, roads, buildings ect so i can concentrate on the players, peds

and vehicles and make some textures for the rest when it is finished.

I could do it a half year ago but with the high res pc textures there are more things possible and it looks nicer.




- how to use photoshop or other photo editing programs.

- how to rip textures and replace them.

- AND Speak dutch or english, because those are the only languages i know.


Then you can join me, because SAN ANDREAS is A HELL OF A LOT OF WORK.


So if u wanne join me Mail me at [email protected]

I really apreciate some help.


im gonna start with it as soon as SAN AN comes out so by till that time im gonna experiment with manhunt a bit.

Now after a long story here are the screens finally


( and don't forget to check the gta version http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=139049&st=40 )


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



Don't forget to give your oppinion because those ( yep even the worse ones ) really helped me out.

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Here is a small update, im gonna make some movies next time i think, so if anyone nows an upload link for movies.

please tell me



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

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It's a good idea...but it looks like crap. Manhunt was just not meant to be cellshaded. By the way, how about linking to pics since they're all so huge.

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Neo-K 182

the fact that you pulled it off is nice.


pics, like was said before, are way to f*cking huge, either linkage or size 'em down.


but i also have to agree with the previous post, Manhunt wasn't ment for cellshading, now GTA on the other hand might look better with it, as it's been something we've tried to do for a while now.

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