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GREENWOOD at End of The Line mission

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Hello all.


Before anything, there may be some spoilers here, so sorry in advance.


This isn't a new find but as far as I know until recently it hasn't been listed at gamefaq.com as an obtainable everything proof car. Last night, I found a way, albeit with at least one cheat in order to obtain it indestructible. I don't know if this is old news already but so far I haven't read anything about it as of late.


Here goes.


Ok,so this is the car that CJ and sweet would ride to smoke's place. From the start, this car may seem indestructible already but in truth it isn't. It is DENT PROOF and have some extra tolerance for bullets, explosions and fire, but it still succumbs to these only after some hits. This wouldn't be Indestructible until it parks there in Smoke's place from where you should get it.




You must have full health and armor at this stage and you must've taken over the territories where you will be doing your thing. This is important because you will have to depend largely on your homies to be able to survive the route. You need a motorbike, a bike or any small vehicle in your garage.


Now begin the mission as normal. After you've parked at the destination, steal the Swat tank and drive up to where the car is and enter blow up all cars code. You'll fail the mission for destroying the swat tank, but now the destroyed greenwood is already permanently indestructible also. All you need to do is push it all the way to your Ganton garage, which is quite a long way and tricky. An alternate method might be to just immediately enter the cheat without having to steal the tank. You'd still fail the mission for the same reason. If you stole the tank and drove through the palace, killed the Ballas and went out again to blow up all vehicles, you'll fail the mission for kiling sweet but either way, you can obtain the greenwood as permanently everything proofed. But if you blow up the tank only, the greenwood would be movable now with shotgun blasts but unfortunately, would lose it special qualities. I haven't found a way to blow up the greenwood or kill sweet without using a cheat. So far this seems to be the only way.


Actually you need to shoot the car with your shotgun, to push it to the garage, preferably with a dual wield sawed off shotgun. Strangely, there's no way you can push this with any type of vehicle not even a Rhino, it's simply immovable. But shooting it with a shotgun is quite easy. If you can manage to turn it upside down much better as everytime you shoot it, it flings to a far distance which would make it much easier for you to make it quickly to the garage. Take the shortest route, which is opposite the direction the car is facing. This is down the road turn right then left at the first corner leading to the bridge directly passing over Ganton area. Now the tricky part is being careful not to attract police attention while doing this, as they will be patrolling the streets all the time since the situation is riotuous. You should look around first before you do any shooting, but best of all, recruit as much homies as you can to serve as your bodyguards and shields. Actually even if you don't have any homies with you, anytime you're attacked some homies would just spawn and help you out of your situation. You will get a one star at times along the way, but whatever happens, do not leave the car or kill any cop. You must keep to a minimum your wanted level. Let your homies do the killing of any cops attacking you. Just take cover behind the car everytime you're attacked. Be on guard too of armed peds, who would randomly attack you, tho this ones you can shoot but would instantly give you a one star but definitely easier to manage than wasting a cop. So to make things safer for you, surround yourself with homies and make them follow you wherever you go. Don't worry with your one star even if your homies kill the cops, as this would go away only after awhile as long as you don't do the shooting.


Now once you've reached the bridge, you'll notice that a portion of it will collapse and that's where you should shoot down the car where it would land at the entrance of Ganton or the driveway of a house nearby. From there you can continue shooting until you reach your garage, and to be safe, still take with you some homies since at times it take sometime for any of them to respond and the annoying cops would still pounce on you if get one star. Fortunately tho, only one cop at a time attacks you even if there's more than one of them.


Now once at the garage, park the bike at the opening to keep it open, shoot the burnt car to the garage, take the bike and let the door close, open it, and there you go, it yours!


Strangely, if you try storing this in the garage with Sweet at the start of the mission and then get yourself busted or wasted, you'll get this car as DENT PROOF, but not damage/bullet/explosion or fireproof.


This car is quite a star as it appeared three times special throughout the game in different missions: First in Drive Thru mission as fireproof, second in House Party mission as Bulletproof/Fireproof and laslty in End of the Line as an everything proofed car. End of the Line is another mission where we are treated with more than one indestructible car apart from the Feltzer.


Have fun.

Edited by srg

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EDIT: Congratulations srg. You found another damage-proof vehicle.

Edited by ogglock

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Thanks rah.gif

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Officer Pulaski

i knew it was indistructible!

i just couldnt figure out a way to get sweet out of there car

and ya know before you get in it you can blow it up?

i did somehow manage to get one into one of my garages

but after that it wasnt indestructible sad.gif

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Well done you are good at finding them everything proof cars. Have a cookie.gif .

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Before you drive to smoke's place, the fact that you can do some of the things to the Greenwood (like destroy it and kill sweet by firing at him through the window ) that shouldn't be happening to an indestructible car will give you an idea already that Ganton and over there isn't the place and occassion to obtain it indestructible since you are offered another occassion at smoke's place where you find the car on a different special qualities.


This is really one of the fun things R* has offered us in the game and they're really cool rah.gif

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Officer Pulaski

yeah it only becomes indestructible after the cutscene at smokes drug palace

you cant even kill sweet from outside the window sad.gif

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Cool find, man! You are really good at these sort of things. Keep up the awesome work! Here is a cookie cookie.gif, you really deserve it.

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